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Postby thegoldenguest778 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:09 am

Hey guys! im going to organise a ''bad box art'' contest! the user with the worst illustration of my ''the cyber world'' series will be the winner!
1 the box art should have at least one element that has nothing to do with the series
2 box arts made with microsoft paint are not allowed, doing so will result in disqualification
3 anime styled box arts are allowed, but they can't have adult content (weapons are allowed), putting adult content will result in disqualification
4 if you want to draw characters using edited game sprites, please don't use megaman's sprites
5 keep in mind that the series aren't finished yet and new stuff will be added in the series (my computer is broken again, so it will take more time, and i think i will have to buy a new one )
if you don't know what ''bad box art'' means, just search on google! ;)

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