Need help setting up Fog effect

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Need help setting up Fog effect

Postby Animebryan » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:59 pm

I need an example of code (the kind that I can copy & paste) to set up fog in a level, including control over how much area is covered & transparency. And don't reference the Handbook or some other complicated guide for it, just an example of the code & which variables & settings are customizable.
Due to the 'hostility' between me & some of the staff on here, I'm going to start blocking users who post on my topics without posting an actual solution & are just retaliating/reacting to my posts. I'll try to be nicer with my posts but situations like this & the constant problems with SMBX2 & PGE is making that harder & harder to be nice about all this. :(

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