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The Super Mario Bros. X community Discord was made available to the SMBX community to chat on August 8, 2016. The community Discord was created to increase chat activity, and served as an alternative to StarNet. Activity gradually increased and eventually the Discord server replaced StarNet as the main chat platform for the SMBX community. Approximately 800 members have joined the server.


  • welcome - Contains server information, rules, affiliate servers, and allows entry to the rest of the server.
  • announcements - Changes, news, and updates relevant to the server or the SMBX forums are posted here.
  • rules - The chat rules that are required to be read before accessing the server.

  • smbx - A channel for members to share screenshots of SMBX, discuss SMBX, and ask for help.
  • showcase - General creations in SMBX to share with the community.
  • help- A channel where you can get help if you have problems using SMBX.
  • wiki - Discussion related to this wiki.

  • general - Main channel for discussion.
  • random - This channel limits and contains off topic and miscellaneous posts to one place.
  • feedback - Members may post feedback related to the server and make suggestions.
  • events - Discussion related to on-going server/community games and events. (such as Cards Against Humanity)
  • roleplay - A channel for discussion about the Roleplaying forum and DnD games.
  • mafia - Discussion of the Mafia forum game.

  • voicechat - Used for messaging people in voice channels if the user does not have a mic.
  • music - For control of the music bot in the server's music voice channel.

Discarded channels

  • mafia-sidegames - Dedicated channel for mafia side games.

Server roles

  • admins - The SMBX administrative staff of the forums and the server.
  • mods - Moderate the SMBX forums and the SMBX discord server. Short for 'Global Moderators'
  • chanops - Moderate the SMBX discord server. Short for 'Channel Operators'

  • gamemasters - Moderate SMBX community activities and forum games. (such as mafia)
  • socialmedia - Managers of the official SMBX Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel.
  • level reviewers - Certified on giving SMBX level design advice. Ask them for help in the smbx or showcase channels.
  • wiki administrators - Managers of the SMBX wiki.

  • devs - Developers of SMBX2.
  • contest winner - Has won an official SMBX contest.
  • CAH winner - Winner of the most recent CaH game.
  • CAH runner-up - Placed second in the most recent CaH game.

  • staff - Ping this role in order to notify the SMBX forum staff.
  • ops - Ping this role in order to notify the SMBX discord staff.
  • musicians - People with the permission to use the music bot in the music channel.
  • RP participants - People who are participating in the ongoing Forum Roleplay Game.
  • members - Verified members of the SMBX server.