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Welcome to the Super Mario Bros. X Wiki!

The Super Mario Bros. X Wiki is dedicated to the Super Mario Bros. X community and the contributions of its members. Currently the SMBX wiki has 793 pages, 577 files, and 1,057 users.

Quick links

  • Episodes - Episodes created by SMBX users.
  • Graphics - Graphics packs assembled for use in SMBX projects.
  • Projects - Projects that are a work-in-progress.
  • Contests - Community and user-led level contests.
  • Guides - Helpful guides, FAQs, tips, and tutorials for using SMBX.
  • Comics - Comics created by community members.

Featured: October 2018


Mario Classic
The literal classic by zephyr that's packed to the brim with fun!


PROX' Box Full of Graphics
Completely hand-made graphics by the talented Prox!

SMBX Community