The Princess Cliche

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This episode was created by Redigit for version 1.3. Since version, it is included as a default episode in SMBX alongside "The invasion 2". It is a short tutorial-esque episode showcasing some gimmicks.


The storyline involves Princess Daisy getting kidnapped by Bowser while she was baking a cake, now Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Link must explore the Mushroom Kingdom to collect Stars so they can enter Bowser's castle and rescue Daisy.

Levels and Worlds

This episode features 10 levels, 10 stars, 3 areas (islands) and 3 bosses. The first area doesn't come with a name; any warp leading back to it is labeled as "warp to Mushroom Castle". The start takes place in a toad house called Mario's Pad, with an underground area that spawns infinite mushrooms. The warp to Bowser's castle is immediately unlocked after getting the star of Mushroom Castle, however it is pointless to go there until having all 10 stars. To beat Bowser, one also needs hammer suits from Fungi Village. The battle is notoriously difficult; Bowser's flames and ground-pounding aside, there are many chasing parakoopas spawning from two pipes. Theoretically, Bowser can be harmed by being thrown koopa shells, but this barely proves effective. As noted above, prior to version, there was a billy gun.

Area 1

Level Description / Gimmick Boss
Mario's Pad Mario's home
Mushroom Pass SMB3 hills, SMW cave, Yoshi, secret exit Birdo
Fungi Village SMW town, underground ice, hammer suit, throwable block Boom Boom
Mushroom Castle Daisy's castle, humorous NPCs
Mushroom Heights SMW night sky, chasing parakoopas
Spiny Farm SMB3 grassy waterfalls, Lakitu, Waluigi's trap
Warp to Frostland warps the player to Frostland

Area 2 - Frosty Frost Frostland

Level Description / Gimmick
Warp to Mushroom Castle warps the player to Spiny Farm
Strange House SMB2 subcon (grass and underground)
Frosty Frost Frostland SMB1 snow, fish fiasco, secret exit
Nimbus Land SWM sky town, Clown Car
Star Road Station SMW night, enemy mass spawning

Area 3 - Vista Hill

Level Description Boss
Warp to Mushroom Castle warps the player back to Mushroom Castle none
Bowser's castle Bowser's castle entrance, Bowser battle Final Boss : Bowser