Here is a list of the people that, in some way, have made better or have had a positive impact on the community.

Andrew "Redigit" Spinks

The Current Forum Staff

The Original Forum Staff - Kyasarin, Luminous, DarkMatt, Kuribo, and 4matsy

The TrekWeb Staff - CaptainTrek, Spitfire, Vandarx, Skittlez12, FallingSnow, Blaarg, and Conker Belmont

The FOSSnet Staff - bikcmp, Dominian, JStoker, and Sheena <3

Special Thanks - Andydark, Blue, Captain Obvious, Celarix, Chad, Chase, Coldwin, Garro, Horikawa Otane, Iceman404, Ignoritus, Kley, krazykoopa, Luigifan2010, m4sterbr0s, Namyrr, qig, Quill, raocow, Red Yoshi, reghrhre, Shocker, Uncle Sam, Valtteri, Zephyr, zifnab, and Zolastar