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Ripper II
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At the moment, nothing much...
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Seeing a video of SMBX on YouTube
Hmm...well, there's definitely Pokémon.
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yaaaaaaawn Huh? Oh. Hi. I'm SAStar. ...I don't do stuff here much.
Want to play Mafia but can't here because it closed? Minigame Plaza just so happens to have Mafia games played the same way as they were played here. We also have Roll the Dice, DnD, and more. We welcome all players regardless of experience in the games (or lack thereof). If you're interested, click here to join.

Ongoing Mafia game: !nɿυɈǝɿ on ʇo biov ǝʜɈ ni noiƨυʇnoƆ by MECHDRAGON777! (BACKUP NEEDED!!)
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I'll just be closing this sig with some random color text now...