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Ryaa wrote:I really do appreciate you showing me the true meaning of butts and I will take this information with me to bed
Enjl wrote:people in my high school struggled with vectors and i was like "what how it's literally an arrow"
rockythechao wrote:so much evil genius is wasted on the free-to-play game industry these days
come on, activision execs, when are you guys going to get yourselves real villain jobs? buy yourselves a volcano lair with lava sharks or something
Like, just ask yourselves this: What Would Sauron Do?
TheKidCodee wrote:Yes. And i know what system 32 is. What java is, htmi.
Hoeloe wrote:I've designed better languages in my sleep
Wohlstand wrote:please, enable your brain
Enjl wrote:that's like using a chainsaw instead of a butter knife to spread butter on your bread
in the sense that the chainsaw will severely literally cut into your performance
Ryaa wrote:aero you should eat some french friends
Ryaa wrote:I honestly think people don't use 2.0 because it requires thinking lmao