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Current Project:
Legend of the 10 stars! A SMB2 themed episode!
How did you find SMBX?:
Google/search engine (i.e. looking for a Mario level editor)
Making world maps. Seriously, so cool.
K-Mart. Yeah, gotta start somewhere.

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Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:41 am
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Super Mario: Legend of The 10 Stars (Updated pictures and a wee bit more progress!)
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Hello. Yes, I have returned to this world of Mario not long ago. I was pretty quiet back when I was super active, but I won't be now.
By the way: not sure if this is allowed, but if you would like, PM with a picture of your overworld, and I will happily rate your overworld.
I will point out your flaws, the best parts, and places to improve. All judgements will be non-bias so don't be scared about that.

I'm doing a project now, called Legend of The 10 Stars. Here is the art. (Huge thanks to Snessy for it.)
Spoiler: show

Also, here is stuff I support!
Spoiler: show

And yes, I have whats possibly the most cringe profile name in history.
I have aspergers, a type of autism, but on the lower scale. Basically, I can function perfectly in real life, but mentally I might be different. I might get in to fights, so be careful.