xmapgui - no-lua overworld enhancements

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xmapgui - no-lua overworld enhancements

Postby deice » Tue Aug 02, 2022 12:16 pm

before we begin:
  • this software requires the .net 5.0 desktop runtime and gtksharp 2.12 (click "download gtk#") in order to work.
  • if the program opens and the process quickly ends afterwards without any window appearing, there's a chance that there's an issue with the latter of those two. if you're on windows, adding the gtksharp installation directory to your PATH and restarting your PC, as well as using windows 7 compatibility mode might help.
  • if that too doesn't help, you can try compiling from the source code using visual studio.
  • if you find a bug with the program itself, it's best to report it here. i will make an attempt to fix it if/when i am able to.

with that out of the way, allow me to present:
Spoiler: show
( tutorial | download | test episode - includes a save file for comparison )

in short, this is a program that generates xmap scripts. of course, xmap is needed for these scripts to actually function. open a wld file of your choice and when you save your changes, it will generate a script in your episode directory. inside your "map.lua" file, type

Code: Select all

at the top and that's it. everything else can be handled within the graphical interface itself.

more details as well as a tutorial that covers all the features can be found under the "tutorial" link above. questions and concerns belong primarily in this thread.

one more thing i must add is that this doesn't let you take advantage of absolutely everything xmap has to offer. this is strictly for people who know next to no lua but still aren't satisfied with the vanilla overworld.
hope you enjoy.

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