Cube Mania (Basically an ice level)

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Cube Mania (Basically an ice level)

Postby TheWarpyro » Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:23 pm

I wanted to try to submit a level on these forums, and i guess starting with one of the levels i worked a lot on is a good start, i guess ^^

Done in SMBX 1.3

Basically, this is a level with tons of snow, ice, and snow themed enemies.
Watch out for flurries, koopas, autobombs and walruses down this iced road!
I appreaciate constructive criticism and feedback, so, if you want to give me some feedback, you're more than welcome to comment your POV of my level!
Report me of any bugs or anything in the level, i DID test it, but just in case.

Download Link: ... _Mania.rar




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