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Re: Put Your Suggestions For 2.0 Here!

Postby Hammerless Penguin » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:29 pm

Ideas for smbx2

Yoshi blocks:
I think something like a "storage" for yoshis would be useful. For example if a level is designed around climbing ladders or vines. Something that the player cant do while riding yoshi which leads to having them forcefully leave yoshi behind to complete the level,Then the player can hit a yoshi block to store him in. Yoshi will be stored in the block until the player can find another nearby yoshi block to release him. With this method, Players wont have to worry about having to dismount yoshi to complete certain required levels. This would be quite handy for making episodes with yoshis in it. I think this block functions similarly to a player block. For example if mario is in his fire state then switches to luigi and switches back he would still have his fire power up. I think its possible for this block to be created

Water currents and wind:
Wind and water currents can be placed just like you are placing water sections in a level. If you want the wind or water currents to be blowing in a secific direction then it would be simple to have a left,right,up,down direction for it. Wind and water currents can effect npcs as well.

more npc configurations:
I find it kinda tedious that we cant make npcs immune to hammers,bombs,throwables,shells,tailwips,ect. It would be neat if we had those options. Or hell have an option to make an npc completely invincible. Stuff like this would be great for nerfing broken power ups like the hammer and tanooki suit.

more power ups:
There is a good amount of power ups in the game already. But I would like to see the frog suit,blue shell and mini mushroom to appear in smbx2 someday.

This may be a bit of a stretch but having gravity physics like in Mario galaxy on certain chunks of tiles would be great. Like if Mario could walk on the side or under a chunk of land. This can function similarly to having an option to make tiles slippery or it can function like placing water and highlighting the area you want the gravity to function. This can bring many creative possibilities to smbx.
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Re: Put Your Suggestions For 2.0 Here!

Postby Teemster2 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:27 pm

I have 1 question which was discussed before but I forget what was said. We currently have pirahna plants that can go up or down or left or right for pipes but they all look different. For example there is a green and a red plant and they both only go in certain directions. There is no option to change which direction the plant will pop out of a pipe. Also for the giant pirahna it can only go upwards out of a pipe if I remember right. It's weird that it can't also go in all directions. Will there be in the future a way to have 1 Pirahna plant that can go in all 4 directions or has this already been done? I don't have the pal version yet but I do have maglx3 so maybe I missed something?

It looks more professional and polished to have the same pirahna plant (sprite) for all directions instead of having a plant that can only go up and a different one that can only go right etc. I thought about just changing the pictures but I'm no good at ripping sprites.

Maybe this will change when SaturnYoshi finishes the new ones. I was just wondering about this.
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Re: Put Your Suggestions For 2.0 Here!

Postby AMinorFlod21 » Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:09 pm

Maybe some changes to Megaman, new bomb sprites (Peach Hammer Suit) and maybe some other new gimmicks, like those bubble platforms from Shovel Knight would be interesting, maybe too similar to Donut Blocks, maybe adding and being able to enable or disable Walljumps, and playable Kirby? (Plz?)

Some other cool things would be: Seesaw, Snow Pokey, Koopa Car, Homing Spike Balls.
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Re: Put Your Suggestions For 2.0 Here!

Postby Cedur » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:01 am

Interchange the 8,000 NPC limit with the 5,000 BGO limit. I think you normally use far more BGOs than NPCs. (trees, plants, furniture, lineguides, waters ...)
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