boss defeat,end level

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boss defeat,end level

Postby Artemis008 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:17 pm

I'm trying to make a level end Automatically after the boss is defeated, is it even possible? And if so, how?

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Re: boss defeat,end level

Postby bossedit8 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:23 pm

So you want to make sure that once you defeat the boss the level ends automatically? Make a exit NPC invisible and cover up the entire area with it like it's unavoidable for the player and then after you defeat the boss, a new layer should appear that the exit NPC appears which is invisible during gameplay. Make sure that you use "Don't Smoke" on that specific event or else it looks relatively weird how the entire area goes up in smoke for quick second.

Another way to do it is with SMB3 Bowser if his "Legacy Boss" is on "Yes" or use a event that has a event trigger "Bowser defeat" on it but if you do that, the game will lead you to the credits if you play the level in a SMBX Episode once the event triggers.

Shy Guy
Shy Guy
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Re: boss defeat,end level

Postby Rednazious » Thu May 10, 2018 5:49 pm

how do i make npc invisible?

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Shy Guy
Shy Guy
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Re: boss defeat,end level

Postby SoulForTruth41 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:35 pm

Rednazious wrote:how do i make npc invisible?
First off, I'm sorry no one has got back to you yet on that. I have been busy on my own project, and I actually came here looking for the same answer! :)
I just now tried everything that Bossedit8 said, and I got it to work with SMBX 1.4.4 like this:

(1) Always make a back-up your level since there are no Undos if you accidentally save over it (like when you test your level).
(2) Open up your level, then open the Level Settings tab, and go to the Boss section of your level.
(3) Open the Editor Settings tab, and put a checkmark by "Overlap" and "16*16 Alignment Mode".
(4) Open up the Layers tab. Add a new layer and give it a name, like "Hidden Exit Trigger" or whatever you like. Select it.
(5) Open up the NPCs tab. Select SMB2 tab, and select the Orb that is under the label "Exit" under the left tab of NPCs.
(6) Select the Flood Tool (looks like a paintbrush) from the Tools tab. Select a blank area of the Boss area, and fill it in.
(7) In the Tools tab, click on the Finger Tool at the top, and individually fill in the spots that are missing an Orb.
(8) Uncheck the "Hidden Exit Trigger" layer (or whatever you named it) under the Layers tab to hide it.
(9) Under the Events tab, add a new event and name it "Boss Defeated" or whatever you like. Select it. In the Layers tab of the Event, select the "Hidden Exit Trigger" layer (or whatever you named it) and move it to the "Show Layers List". Click the box that says "No Smoke" (the box turns purple, meaning "No Smoke" effect is on).
(10) Click on your boss to bring up the Advanced NPC settings tab. In the top drop-down menu, select "Events-I". In the drop-down box under the label "Death", select the Event "Boss Defeated" (or whatever you named it). Place your Boss NPC back into your section. Save your level.
(11) Copy "npc-41.png" from the NPC folder of the Graphics folder into your level folder.
(12) Open this copied PNG file with Gimp (I'm using GIMP 2.8.22). Under the Select tab, click on "All". Under the Edit tab, click on "Clear". The entire image should now be transparent. Go to File tab, and click on "Export to npc-41.png". Test your level.

Lastly, the one bug to this is that every orb that your character touches (after the Boss dies) gives off a short musical song. If your character is falling from the sky when the Boss kicks the bucket, it can cause a cacophony. I hope that this helps you. ;)

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