Questions for the SMBX Editior (Would Like Answers)

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Questions for the SMBX Editior (Would Like Answers)

Postby JustASMBXFan » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:58 pm

All of these questions being asked are for version

1. In the editor, How do I block off certain characters? Example: for certain episodes I have, you can only play as Mario or Luigi, not Mario to Link.

2. How do you make a level the "Default Level"
Example: Intro as Default, Then after the intro the Hu B is the default, however that works.

3. How do I change the players spawn to another level? My intro and Hub are seperate levels and when the user makes progress I want it to where the player spawns in the hub for now on instead of the intro (If that's impossible rip
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Re: Questions for the SMBX Editior (Would Like Answers)

Postby Oshi » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:32 pm

1. In the Episode editor, go to world settings, and click the characters that you don't want to play as.

2. In the Episode editor, go to world settings, and type in the filename of the level you want to use, and make sure you don't forget to put .lvl at the end. Make sure you put it as the intro level and you set the level icon on the map to game start point of that same level if you want a world map

3. If you want to change were the player spawns in a level, go to warps and doors and click on warp to level, select the entrance to the warp, then put a level filename in the warp to level part, .lvl at end, and what exit warp number you want to exit to.
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