help! my pc turn off when i run SMBX!

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Re: help! my pc turn off when i run SMBX!

Postby younessgamingDZ » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:08 am

OlieGamerTV wrote:
younessgamingDZ wrote:
Snessy the duck wrote: MediaFire is a download hosting website where anyone can upload stuff, so saying you downloaded it from there is very vauge, since there's probably multiple SMBX downloads on that site. What site linked you to that MediaFire download?

Here's the official SMBX topic where you can download it.
Alternatively, you could download 2.0 from this thread, as it's basically but with more features.

i know but from officle website its take longer time :?
if you say the official website takes a longer time, then you may have went and installed it from a different site, if so, you have a virus copy, i would delete it, scan your PC for any viruses using an Anti-Virus Software, and install it from the official site, it may take longer, but it saves your PC a hell of a lot of trouble.

Edit: just went searching around, and found this:
its about your stop error and a potential fix.
don't worry guys its good now. SO LETS COMPLETE THE EPISODE!

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