Audacity Messed up Game Audio

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Audacity Messed up Game Audio

Postby Star » Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:04 am

Today i went to try out Audacity like people told me so i can use to lower the volume of my music.

I did so to 3 mp3 so i can use it for my levels which the game made crackling noises if the mp3 was too loud.
When i tried it. I found out the mp3 was converted to .wav so i manage to get the music working.
No crackling. That was good.
I tested the level to see if i could find any crackling but found a new problem.

The game itself had its Audio lowered.
I could barely hear the level starting and Marios jump. Everything but the music was lowered.
Then i clicked to level 15. Which had loud themes.

It was lowered as well. I tried to see if anything was wrong. Nothing.
I went back to level 27. Still the same loud music i converted.
Back to each level and the music was lower.

Help? What did Audacity do to my SMBX?
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Re: Audacity Messed up Game Audio

Postby Danny » Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:25 am

Audacity shouldn't do anything to SMBX unless you toyed with the actual sound effects. Make sure you actually EDITED the volume to a lower decibel instead of lowering the playback volume, many people actually do that, it's a common mistake.

Again, Audacity wouldn't have done anything to your actual SMBX game audio, you may have messed with the Volume Mixer while you were in Audacity, but that is highly unlikely. It would also help if you tried to explain your issue a little clearer. I also recommend you use the .mp3 format and not the .wav format. You will need the LAME Encoder for Audacity to actual export files in the .mp3 format, that may help with your problem.
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