Dr Wilys Empire (Mega Man Episode) [UPDATED]

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Re: Dr Wilys Empire (Mega Man Episode) [UPDATED]

Postby sh4dy » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:06 pm

MegaDood wrote:I really like this episode, it had its own feel to it that separated it from other episodes. I'm not a reviewer, but I'll do my best to review this episode. Firstly, the level design. I felt it was fair and had a sensible amount of power-ups. (Not like 16 in the same exact area.) I also felt the enemies were well placed and were fair too. The levels were especially interesting, as with any Mega Man game it can't have a progressive difficulty. I thought it worked well in terms of difficulty progression. I also felt the level design seemed natural and enjoyable to play. However, I do have some criticism. At times the levels felt a bit repetitive with the limited number of enemies that were used overall in the game. Also I felt the large amount of sniper joes (the hammer bros) were a bit unnecessary in certain parts or levels. I also would have liked to see a few more gimmicks.

Next, the design and art style. It is amazing that you created most of the graphics for this episode, well done. The 8-bit to 16-bit sprites looked lovely and polished and I couldn't see anything wrong with them. My personal favorite was the Mecha dragon, it had so much detail put into it! The levels looked nice, and I liked the foreground and background pillars as well. However, I must criticize how a few levels seemed a little uninspiring, like the beach stage in Bubble Man's world. I feel this way as the palm trees seemed a bit generic. Also, though not too bad, I think the SMB3 blocks clashed with the rest of the stage at times. Perhaps you could have re textured the blocks or used other ones.

Lastly, the feel of the episode. It had a very unique feel with it and I liked the new ideas of a city world and a ghost world.
In total, It was a good episode that was worth playing. 7.5/10

Oh and one last thing, do you mind if I use your graphics such as the sniper joes in my own game? I would really appreciate it if I could. Thanks :D

7.5/10 is more then i would give myself for this episode i would rate it 6/10 cause i rushed many levels just so i have 4 in each world (like the beach level i was out of ideas) I used many hammer bros cause there arent many enemies that (shot) and i am not great at making enemies (in my opinion). There are many parts where i am myself not happy with like the Guts Man and Snake Man stages as well as the length of each stage. if i would make an episode today it would be much better then this one cause i learned a lot by making this one and the feedback helped me understand what i could have made different and better.
And yes you can use those sprites if you want ^^
Sorry for my bad english, I try my best :)

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Re: Dr Wilys Empire (Mega Man Episode) [UPDATED]

Postby MegaDood » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:12 pm

Thanks for letting me use those, I'm sure the quality will improve with future episodes, it was really good for your first episode. Well done.
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Re: Dr Wilys Empire (Mega Man Episode) [UPDATED]

Postby Electric Programer » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:54 pm

Can't wait to play this!
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