Frozen - A Sequel to The Minisode

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Frozen - A Sequel to The Minisode

Postby Hatsune Blake » Thu Feb 18, 2021 5:40 pm


Welcome to my latest and possibly greatest creation, Frozen!
This minisode / miniature episode is a "sequel" to my first episode, Minisode.
The current version is v1.1.

  • Six normal levels, two castle levels.
  • A secret exit in one of the levels.
  • A Super Mario World theme throughout the entire episode.
  • Two boss fights, one of them being most likely poorly designed.
  • Mario & Luigi as playable characters.
  • An ice theme.
Spoiler: show
Enabled Mario / Luigi's victory pose at the end of levels with goal tapes.
Added measures to prevent a Wart shell exploit at the end of the game.

Added a few more coins to Mint Dreams, as well as made the level a bit shorter.
Removed an impossible 1-up in Frosted Caverns, as well as added a few extra coins.
Spoiler: show
World Map
Don't look at these images unless you want massive spoilers!
Spoiler: show
A detailed credits file is also included with the download.
Spoiler: show
SMW Expanded GFX - Sednaiur
SMW Power-Ups - Valtteri
SMW Angular Cement Block - Valtteri
SMW Styled Ptooie - Valtteri
SMW Styled Veggies - Valtteri
SMW Buzzy Beetle - Tonberryk2
SMW Layer 3 Water - Murphmario
SMW Gradient Cloud Background - registered_person
SMW Ludwig's Room - ultramario
SMW Outside Castle - Bloxxerstudios + Linkstorm Z
SMW Starry Sky - SilverDeoxys563
SMW Styled Wart - joao564 + sly guy + silverbolt

warpTransition.lua - MrDoubleA
Refined Spin Jump Code - MrDoubleA
Expanded Piranha Plants - MrDoubleA
Refined Goal Tape - MrDoubleA
NPC Remover Block - MrDoubleA

.spc Music
Joy of Remembrance [Celeste] - Maxodex
Nature Overworld [New Super Mario Classic] - xyz600sp
Shiver Star [Kirby 64: The Crystal Stars] - Wyatt
Night Fall ~ Holly's Theme [Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake] - EDIT3333
Complete Darkness [Touhou Story of Eastern Wonderland] - Samantha
Shanghai Alice of Meiji [Touhou EoSD] - Wakana
Koopa Battle [M&L - BIS] - Wakana
King Castle [Mega Man & Bass] - Ultima
Yoshi's Island Sountrack - LadiesMan217 & Musicalman
VLDC7 Soundtrack - Jimmy, LemmyKoopa, Lui, Moose, Nameless, RednGreen, S.N.N., Sinc-X, Torchkas, Tornado
VLDC9 Soundtrack - Dr. Tapeworm, Lui, Magi, Medic, Pinci, Rilla Roo, S.N.N., Tato, Torchkas, Wakana, Wavee
Download Link YouTube Videos
Spoiler: show
Entire episode playthrough by Eclipsed:
Other Information
Spoiler: show
There is a Discord server for not just this project, but all of my projects as a whole. This server is the fastest way to contact me to report bugs / give suggestions.
I am also available on the official SMBX Discord. Just fling me a ping and I'll probably answer within the hour.

You can also add me on Discord directly if you don't feel comfortable joining a server. My Discord tag is Hatsune Blake#5631
My tag can change at any time if I get Nitro.

If you record a YouTube playthrough of this episode, please feel free to link it in the replies of this post. I'd be happy to add it to the main post.

Please report bugs ASAP as the faster I fix it, the less people have to experience the bug.
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The logo above was made by FyreNova.

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Re: Frozen - A Sequel to The Minisode

Postby skyhighway » Thu Feb 18, 2021 6:17 pm

I do not care about who you believe in.
and now for the shitposting: show
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