[STG Episode] Cult Crash

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[STG Episode] Cult Crash

Postby HengShao » Sat May 14, 2022 4:09 am

Because of the tyranny of the cult leader Silklash-18, there is a big upheaval in the once peaceful nursing house! One after another, all the elderlies in the nursing house have been bewitched by the cult leader and joined the Cult of Granny, becoming followers of the cult. In order to save them from the cult leader, and to overthrow the tyranny of the cult leader, our leading role, Mario, will lead the anti-cult heroes against the cult and eventually... Crash the Cult!

Spoiler: show
Cult Crash is a 38A episode. As a shooting game, the gameplay of Cult Crash is different from that of conventional Mario games. In this game, you have to control the anti-cult heroes and use their abilities to save the followers bewitched by the cult leader, and try best to survive, in order to eventually encounter and defeat the cult leader at the end of the stage. You can earn Merciful Points by saving bewitched cult followers, and use them to boost various stat levels for the anti-cult heroes. You can also change playable characters in the game - choose a suitable anti-cult hero for you!
Press direction keys to move. Press 'Run' to attack. Hold 'Run' to charge power, and when charging reaches its maximum, release 'Run' to unleash a powerful attack. Hold 'Alt Run' to move faster. Sometimes green apples may appear, which can heal you.
Playable Characters
Spoiler: show
Yave Yu: Balanced type, has average stats of speed, HP, but has low damage, his hitbox is small.
His ability is shooting slot machines, which move in a straight track at a slow speed. If fully charged, he can shoot triple slot machines in the three directions forward.
oo00200oo: Speed type, has high speed stats, has average damage and normal size hitbox, but has low HP.
His ability is shooting oxygen bombs, which move in a sinusoidal track at a high speed. If fully charged, he can shoot four diagonal oxygen bombs.
Marchtinal: Power type, has high damage and HP, but has low speed and a big hitbox.
His ability is shooting lasers, which move in a straight track at a extremely high speed. If fully charged, he can shoot multiple lasers in three directions - above, below and forward.

There are two secret playable characters in this episode, whose unlocking methods will be revealed after beating this episode. Take your time to find them!
Spoiler: show
This episode is full of Chinese SMBX community in-jokes - so it's only usual for you to find it difficult to understand the absurd plot in the game. Here're some explanations of some guys' nicknames. (No need to learn if you just want to play this episode)

Spoiler: show
Silklash-18: Slash-18 was once called 丝lash-18 (The charater "丝" has a very similar pronunciation to the syllable 'S' in the word 'Slash', which also means 'Silk' in Chinese.) by someone else in Chinese SMBX community.
Slash-18 the Cult Leader: There was a time someone in Chinese Mario community called Slash-18 'the cult leader', later it was found by Slask. As Slask jokingly called Slash-18 'the cult leader', other people in Chinese SMBX community followed for fun.
Grandma: Slask once mirrored Slash-18's avatar of his OC - a gentleman thief snivy, and after mirroring, his avatar looks like an old woman with white hair.
Silklash Grandma Peking: Slash-18 lives in Beijing, and Peking is an old name of Beijing.
Chen: Slash-18's surname in real life is Chen.
Yave Yu:
Spoiler: show
Yave Yu the Gambling King: Yave Yu once made a gambling-theme game, so other people in Chinese SMBX community jokingly call him 'the gambling king'.
Spoiler: show
Oxygen: Because oo00200oo's user name is easily associated with O2 by others due to the similarity, so people in Chinese SMBX community always call oo00200oo 'Oxygen bro' jokingly.
Spoiler: show
March Bro: Because Marchtinal's user name contains 'March'.
Muscle: Because both of Marchtinal's virtual character and his image in real life are strong in shape.
Australia DJ who runs a gym: Marchtinal is a Sino Australian hybrid who is also strong in shape. And he has a passion for music and is also interested in creating music.
kangaroo DJ: See above.
Spoiler: show
Yellow Man: Because both his humanoid OC (has a yellow hair) and non-humanoid OC (has a yellow body) are yellow.
Cheese: Because his another nickname - 'Knight' in Chinese has the same pronunciation as 'Cheese' in English, and his non-humanoid OC also looks like a cheese.
Cat: Because Slask used to send various cat emojis all the time, and later WohlstandFox made several pictures where the faces of cat animals are replaced with Slask's humanoid OC's. (Slask is also keeping a cat as a pet now)
Silklask: The same as 'Silklash'.
Spoiler: show
HengShao the King Funny Face: In one of HengShao's SMBX levels - The Invasion of Funny Faces Revolution, HengShao is possessed by the original villain of the level - 'King Funny Face', and speaks in a manner similar to King Funny Face. Later someone in Chinese SMBX community made some pictures relating them as a joke, and since then HengShao has been called 'King Funny Face'.
Vanilla 451/Vob-omb:
Spoiler: show
Yaonilla: Vanilla in Chinese is '香草', and if we remove a stroke from the Chinese character '香', it will become '杳', which read as 'Yao'.
Spoiler: show
Kanagrandma: Santoka is a Japanese from Kanagawa, Japan. Kanagrandma(神奶川) is a joking misspelling of Kanagawa (神奈川/かながわけん), because Santoka always uses some memes about Slash-18 (Who is called 'Grandma' by others jokingly).
Spoiler: show
Tyrant/Tyrannyman: Futo used to mute Slask countless times because he always post incomprehensible memes in the chatting rooms. In Chinese SMBX community, tyranny always refers to behaviors such as muting and even banning someone in the chatting room, and with the addition fact that Futo majors in history in his university, Futo is then called 'tyrant/tyrannyman' jokingly in Chinese SMBX community.
Other memes and allusion:
Spoiler: show
Sanvore: Spell as '峨' in Chinese, which can be split into '山' and '我' two characters. The pronunciation of '山' is similar to 'San' while the pronunciation of '我' is similar to 'vore'. The character '峨' is originally used to describe a mountain very high, but once Yave Yu misspelt a word and misspelt the entire expression as '峨峨' in the chatting room. Later, Slask used this word to create a lot of memes, including Sanvore language, a kind of absurd or surreal network "language" used in Chinese SMBX community. And You're Sanvorere (你峨峨 in Chinese) is one Sanvore expression, which can be used to express dissatisfaction with others.
Tyranny: Refers to behaviors such as muting and even banning someone in the chatting room in Chinese SMBX community.
Beauty Grandma Snake: Means '美奶蛇' in Chinese, which is based on a monster called 'Beauty Snake' ('美女蛇' in Chinese) in Chinese folklore. Its allusion also appeared in the article 'From Baicao Garden to Sanwei Study' written by Lu Xun, a famous modern Chinese writer.
For details, you can visit this (Chinese warning): https://wiki.smbx.world/wiki/SMBX_%E4%B ... 8%E8%AF%AD
The wiki page of this episode (Still in Chinese): https://wiki.smbx.world/wiki/Cult_Crash
Episode Screenshots:

Download Link:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/s6kv81zc ... n.rar/file
Note that you should play it with 1.4.4. DO NOT PLAY IT WITH 1.4.5.

Special Thanks: Yave Yu for processing audio files; Mr.Cutter, sssadfs (Called Starude in this episode) and Slask for some scripts; sssadfs and Slask for some GFX.

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