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Episodes Forum Rules

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:39 pm
by Shadow Yoshi
Welcome to the Episodes forum! Once you've completed an episode, you can post it here. There are a few rules that must be followed when doing so:

  1. You must post at least one screenshot with your episode. One screenshot is permissible, 50 screenshots is probably too many. Post however many you think you need. Please only post lossless images; 800x600, 400x300, and large images (such as those taken with PGE) are fine, but no JPEGs or blurry/stretched images. In addition, please embed all of your images with the [img] tag (no linking to external pages).
  2. Episodes must have a working download link. Please do not use a file hosting service that forces you to register before you can download files, or one that deletes files after a period of time. Recommended hosting sites include Dropbox and MediaFire.
  3. Demos are fine as long as the word "demo" is in the thread title.
FOR THOSE POSTING IN EPISODE TOPICS: Constructive criticism only. If you don't like someone's episode, either explain why or don't say anything at all. Repeated violations of this rule may result in removing your ability to post in this forum.

Thanks for reading, and have fun posting and playing episodes!