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Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:32 am
bossedit8 wrote:Made some playthroughs in the past and decided to put it in:

Original link:

Playlist: ... IH5jPQzv98

I really like the whole concept going on even if I have to edit the game Manualy so I can Play the game completly. What I had to remove are any type of decimal Speeds in it and some other issues in it so yeah.
I did not know you low this! I always wante to do the last world!

Nice episode though!

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:21 am
by alti0204tri
Well... I really like the world map's GFXs.
Anyone could tell me the author of them?

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:48 pm
by hacheipe399
Where did you obtain those remakes of Zelda themes? The Battle theme, Boss theme and the one from the hub. They're amazing! but I can't find them.

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:09 pm
by ShyGuyFan
This Game is Awesome Thank you Very Much c:

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:17 pm
by akatobias64
Toads with guns. Uhhhhhhhh..... ok.

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:26 pm
by candle
A promising start in world #1 so far, even though I found almost every star on the very first playthrough. There's only two things I would change:
  • Spoiler: show
    Hide the clock in 1-2 in the room where you need it.
    I knew from the very first attempt how to solve the puzzle with the pipe but still had to play through the level three times.
  • I'd like to have someone - a scout or a native perhaps? - greet my character in the hub and tell me few words about this world.
Looking forward to seeing how you provide the sense of exploration in the other worlds :) Is there a chance that you will publish a new version of SMB: A New Beginning?

edit: Apparently not :( Well, I'm going to provide additional feedback anyway, in case development continues one day or someone wants to make an episode based on this one. It's been a while since my last SMBX session, so this feedback may not be totally accurate. /edit

World #2
  • Same issue as in 1-2: In 2-1
    Spoiler: show
    I found it perfectly obvious that I had to clear the path for the vines to reach the secret area,
    but only after I had inevitably messed up. So I had to repeat large sections of the level again. I suggest you place puzzles like these closer to the beginning of a level. Maybe in this case you can just swap the aforementioned puzzle with the first star puzzle of the level...?
  • 2-2: I think this is the first level where the game shines with the exploration elements :)
World #3
Hmm... Not sure what to say about this one... It may have been a while since my last session, but this world seemed rather unspectacular, except 3-3. Perhaps the stars that are really easy to find should at least be protected by "switch enemies". Also, I'd appreciate if there were at least one leaf in 3-1
Spoiler: show
so you get a chance to collect all three stars in one go.
In any case, it was nice to find out
Spoiler: show
about the hidden character :).
World #4
This one I liked better, both in terms of difficulty as well as regarding hidden stars :) You might want to add a few sniffits or ninji / sniffit combos to make 4-1 still a little bit more difficult. In 4-2, I found
Spoiler: show
the trap with the large sinking platform
pretty intense. 4-3 I liked best - gimmicks, difficulty, hiding-places of stars, everything edit:(Come to think of it, the gruesome fate of the Toad expedition doesn't fit the spirit of Super Mario at all. Hopefully Miyamoto will be okay with this.)/edit However, now I'm not so sure anymore whether I could still recommend this episode to children...
Spoiler: show
Zombified Toads, Koopa Troopas and Goombas may still be okay, but toads getting zombified in front of your eyes, zombies emerging from the quicksand and especially the mutilated / infested zombies may be too much.
Spoiler: show
the mini boss was as good as destroyed after the first hit, because it kept moving away from the explosion so that I just had to repeat the same sequence over and over again.
I might have been lucky there, though. And, nevertheless, an impressive level :)
Trivial bug in 4-2: If at one point you come out of the pipe and then walk to the left, you walk through an invisible pipe to the previous section (but it only takes a couple of seconds to return).

World #5
Should've jotted down my thoughts immediately... Ah well, this is what comes to my mind:
  • 5-1: Pretty harsh to make the player
    Spoiler: show
    collect the green boot from the next level, return with it to this one and then make it to the piranha flower passage without even getting hit once.
    Personally I found this frustrating rather than challenging, but then again, I always try to find every single secret in an episode. Good thing you can get boots for free in the Toad house later on.
  • 5-2: Getting that second (?) Star was intense! I liked that! :) What I did not like was the need for a
    Spoiler: show
    if you wanted to collect the third (?) Star, because there are none to be found in the entire world.
  • 5-3: The first time so far that, on my first playthrough, I was clueless as to the location of the first Star. I only found it on the second playthrough. Usually I really dislike
    Spoiler: show
    illusion walls, because they encourage players to tedious and unnecessarily risky behaviour. If, however, you keep using them as sparsely and fairly as you did so far, that's fine with me.
    Unfortunately, there's one very annoying design flaw in the sequence of the
    Spoiler: show
    erupting volcano:
    If you jump to the right in order to avoid the two podobos, Toad will briefly grab the ledge and then fall into the lava - unfortunately I don't know how to describe the phenomenon more accurately right now. Feel free to ask me about it later. About the boss fight, I suggest the area of the boss be flat. As it is, you just need to
    Spoiler: show
    camp on the mound and toss a bomb every now and then.
World #6
  • The Fish'n'Bone* in the hub is hostile.
  • 6-2 Minor bug: If you dive to the bottom left corner, your character will fall into a bottomless pit, as if the water was really air.
    A welcome rise in difficulty :) Star-wise it's still rather easy, though. Regarding enemies and obstacles, I particularly liked
    Spoiler: show
    the surprise bullet bill attack in the area with the water bubbles :)
    You might want to add some more in this area, or even have the bullet bills fire indefinitely and randomly (I think I saw this in The Invasion 2). Additionally, you could make the spiked fish* spin-jumpproof. About star hunting, I found the puzzle with the pseudo-breakable blocks rather mean, because only a few players will
    Spoiler: show
    sprint all the way to the encased star
    , and everybody else will have to repeat the level. I suggest that the ?-blocks, which distract the players, be removed and a left arrow behind the pipe be added. Or was that puzzle shortly after the save point? In that case, never mind - though it does hurt me to voluntarily have my character jump into a bottomless pit :-/
  • 6-2: Okay, this is the first level that felt like a challenge to get through. The entrance of the hiding place of the first star I would shift to
    Spoiler: show
    the auto-scrolling area
    - after all, this is world #6. Never found out what the green switch was for, but so long as you don't need it to find the third star, that should be alright.
  • 6-3: That first section was intense! :) Note, however, that you can one-shot the boss by
    Spoiler: show
    just hitting it with Link's sword.
    Also, the mini boss was quite laggy until I destroyed one of the sparkies*
World #7
At last we get to see fire-spitting piranha plants* and para-piranah plants* (again?)! :) And yet, I believe That third star in 7-2 is very difficult to find when compared to most of the other stars so far. Still fair though, because you can tell by the first two stars where approximately the third star must be hidden. Regarding the boss, that has been by far the toughest fight so far! However, those shy guys seem to make the battle easier rather than more difficult, because
Spoiler: show
you will prefer these over the bombs.
World #8
A nice change of climate in every respect :)
  • You really had me worried when on my first attempt at 8-1 I didn't find a single star! However, on my second attempt I realized that my first suspicion about
    Spoiler: show
    the supposed trap right at the beginning
    was right. The puzzle regarding the red scorpions might have taken me a while, but thankfully I soon
    Spoiler: show
    played the entire level in one go.
    If I remember correctly, two NPCs there had typos in their speech.
[*]What I especially like about 8-2 is
Spoiler: show
the small settlement. Like I said, I've been spoiled by the rich flavour and background stories in Reign of the Gatekeepers.
[*]8-3 In my opinion, the guardians of the stars (if any) should put up for more of a fight. All in all on the easier side when compared to other boss levels - except the boss himself: I think I lost more than half a dozen 1ups to figure out that
Spoiler: show
you need to hit him by the tip of your sword, in order to have enough time to retreat.
World #9
9-1: Having to beat the entire level in one go whilst finding hidden red coins - that felt cruel at first, but, retrospectively, it was manageable.
9-2: Exploding seagulls, seriously? ^^ Anyway, nice level :-) I was going to suggest that the first checkpoint be removed to the start of the section with the ride on the moving platform. However, now I see that it should stay where it is. The second star seems to be very difficult to get, even when you know what you're doing. Indeed, I had to resort to a very painful way of getting all the way up. Oh, and unless I missed something, please do not encourage the players to sacrifice the ice flower in order to get the two 1ups. Also, once so far, one of those horizontally moving platforms seemingly prevented me from jumping. I guess it was during one of those split seconds in which the platform starts moving again and the character flinches.
9-3: It's unfortunate indeed that the chainsaw can become out of control and make the level unplayable. I strongly suggest that, to compensate, you add a checkpoint right after the sewers. Also, nice job to create that labyrinth there :)
Spoiler: show
Is it on purpose that Power Mushrooms are supposedly among "the rarest treasures a Toad can give"?
World #10
10-1: My favourite level so far :)
10-3: I never found out what the hidden sideways pipe in
Spoiler: show
the penultimate room (?) before the boss
was for, but I really didn't feel like trying to get a flying implement all the way there. You might want to let Bowser speak a few words before the battle begins. After all, you're facing the evil guy who started it all.
Spoiler: show
World #11
Nice idea to let the rescued Princess Peach prove herself as a heroine as well :) In 11-1, I would put the checkpoint inside the tree. That way, if the players aren't wearing their Hammer Brother suit any more but spot the hiding place of the first star, they can still decide to voluntarily have themselves defeated edit: add a sign to the secret room telling the players that pressing tanooki while wearing the Tanooki Suit reveals hidden platforms and makes you crash through the grey breakable blocks /edit. No need to play the rest of the level in vain then. Is 11-2 really the end of it all? In that case, please add an info box at the end of the level in which you tell the players about it and ideally explain what Peach was doing in the woods.
11-3: I don't see how you can get that first star and remain unscathed afterwards. Also, there's a glitch right after the first checkpoint: If you climb all the way up to the second Hammer Brother, you can jump offscreen onto the wall - and get smashed by the stomping pillars. Really liked the sections though, and also the "leaps of faith" over the piranha plants :) Major bug: Once so far, the stakes rising from and sinking back into the lava can sometimes hurt you for no apparent reason. I believe the issue only occurs if you keep running against the edge of a stake.
Spoiler: show
The Final Challenge
The BGM totally conveys the atmosphere of this last level: One more combined effort to... Well, you don't even know what exactly you're fighting for right now, but never mind ;) Forcing the players to go through that fiendish passage with the disappearing and reappearing blocks three times (if they want to collect all Yoshi coins) is pretty tough, though. I would add another two Yoshi Coins to this stage, so that collecting them becomes more rewarding. About the sign informing you how to turn into stone using the Tanooki suit: I strongly recommend to add a warning that turning into stone makes you crash through the grey blocks. Fighting Bowser was surprisingly easy after a few tries: Just remain right in front of him and his fireballs will automatically miss. To prevent this you could make opponents spawn during the battle or add Bullet Bill cannons even a Rinka Generator, but really, I didn't mind that I could choose the difficulty for this final fight myself. All in all a worthy conclusion!
I appreciate your efforts in creating an episode that puts a stronger emphasis on exploration :) In a few cases, I would have wished that the items needed to reaching a particular star would have been more readily available. However, I do understand that you want to make Racoon Leaves a relatively rare item - a slowed descend always gives you a major advantage in a Jump'N'Run, after all.
In my opinion, most of the stars in later levels should be better hidden, or at least better guarded.
All in all a smooth difficulty curve. It's still enjoyable for an experienced player like me, but I would have appreciated if, during the first half of the episode, there had been more enemies that put you under pressure, like Venus Fire Traps.
In any case, I wouldn't recommend this episode to children because of 4-3.
If you continue development, I'd focus on reworking World #3 and add a proper ending (supposing that I didn't miss anything) generally add a few friendly NPCs for storytelling, and a few checkpoints. Anyway, your episode deserved getting featured :)

*Can't remember some of the NPC names right now.

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:33 am
by candle
It says in the SMBX 2 launcher that there are 100 stars to be collected, but even after defeating bowser and
Spoiler: show
- seemingly - completing world #11
I only found 96. Did I miss something or is this an error? The world map does look like there is more in store, but
Spoiler: show
world #11 appears to contain only two levels and no boss.

Never mind, found it. The missing section was hidden in plain sight...

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 6:38 am
by Cedur
The boss in World 5-3 is painful EDIT: well I got past it.

I haven't enjoyed much of this episode thus far. I'm looking forward to World 8 though.

(if finding stars is more or less mandatory then they really shouldn't be deeply hidden)


EDIT Oct 13th: In 6-3 the initial spikes won't chase you anymore if you die.

Re: SMB: A New Beginning

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 10:17 am
by Cedur
I just finished it. It really got great towards the end, especially the final level!