YouTube videos don't play in full screen!

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Re: YouTube videos don't play in full screen!

Postby Neoflash » Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:13 pm

Swinder wrote:
Neoflash wrote:
Swinder wrote: Please shut up.Just shut up.It's not Joey's or anyone else's fault that you can't enter fullscreen in Youtube videos here.Just click on the "Youtube" icon and there you have it,all the fullscreen you could ever want.If you're gonna continue with this attitude,I don't think any of us are gonna have a good time whilst you're around.

How about not being rude at all?
I get it. I'll stop being rude. I just wanted stuff to be fixed. How was I supposed to know that he couldn't fix the video player? I don't work on websites like this.
You just could've been calmer in the first place.And the first reply was literally someone telling you it wasn't possible,yet you continued to be rude.
Once again, I get it. I should've not been rude and I didn't even know that they couldn't do it. Sorry. I won't be as rude anymore.
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