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Postby HeroLinik » Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:22 am

RSuper wrote:I don't really know what does "no longer relevant" meaning. An opposite to Irrelevant ?
So I know the Request subforum has gotten archieved. Like the last year, I haven't made any request yet.. yeah, I can probably make a new graphics by myself. I only made an introduction of me and post my comments on other threads/topics. I think I shouldn't explain those. :? Eughh.
"No longer relevant" means the same as "irrelevant", which means that the current thing in question is no longer needed. In this case, the no requests announcement. But the fact that you haven't made a request yet after the archiving of that announcement is good and that because you're playing by the rules, but it isn't representative of the entire community. Just because one person isn't doing requests after the rule was passed and archived it doesn't mean everyone else is, as is shown by the fact that there are still graphic requests being made.
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Lol, you got trolled. Move along, if you please.
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