Seldran Chronicles - tales of a ravaged planet

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Seldran Chronicles - tales of a ravaged planet

Postby Darkonius Mavakar » Fri Apr 29, 2022 6:28 am


What initially began as an attempt to give a backstory to my main OC, spiraled into its own thing and story, got carried a bit and so this kind of happened;

Seldran Chronicles tells the events of the planet Seldran, a world covered in water with the looming threat of the ancient cosmic worm Tsägramal.

Divided in three chronicles, each details a different era and how the existance of this cosmic worm affects them, please be mindful of the content warnings present in the document.

There's also various artwork inside made by me and various friends (which are also credited inside the document)

Here's the story: ... sp=sharing

Have a good read(?)

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