Generic SMBX Forum Fic(?)

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Generic SMBX Forum Fic(?)

Postby Megar » Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:52 pm

born from me saying "i could make a better smbx fic without even trying" on discord when the subject came up
so have this small shit i did in like fifteen minutes or something
CHAAAAAAAPTER ONE - unnamed: show
"I'm back, you fucking losers." A tough-man's voice calls, its owner kicking the metaphorical door down and strolling in with his hands in his pockets.

"Oh hey, it's Blue. When did you get back?"

"Aw, that's it? I go through all that work of preparing a cool entrance after two years and that's the response I get?" Blue responds, pouting as his once manly voice changes to a far more nice and excitable one and his personage changing from the excessively angry expression to a light, pale one. The helmet he was wearing fell off, but the small halo-like crown floating just above him remained.

"I'd give you a better reaction, but everyone is a little occupied right now." Comes the response, its owner keeping an eye on behind Blue.

"Yeah? How s--" Blue starts, looking ahead. "Ah, yeah, okay, I can see that." He remarked, for you see, in front of our returning person-who-looks-suspiciously-like-Zero-but-also-a-hologram-that-is-somehow-physical was what would appear to be a lot of fire.

So much fire, in fact, there was likely an invasion going on. Looking up did Blue see flying ships, their light, metallic sheen emphasizing their significant size in relation to the comparitively puny town. The ships rained fire down upon the town, and so did Blue see the evacuation efforts in full play. The citizens fled, led by the efforts of those who had protected the town during Blue's long absence. They also did it before he left, but Blue himself would tell you that he totally did all the work before that happened. Gotta feed an ego somehow, you know?

"Look, Bomber, man. You gotta be straight with me here. This isn't what I expected from a return party, what gives?" Blue asks, raising an eyebrow and raising his arm towards the ships. Bomber frowned in response.

"Well, it was supposed to be pretty loud and explosive, but I am fairly confident in the prospect of an invasion." Bomber remarked, once more redirecting Blue's attention to the fires down on the floor and buildings. "I'm not exactly sure who it is, if it's anyone we know at all, but I'm judging by the fact that you're confused it's not Michel."

"Yeah, he'd totally tell me if he was doing that. No worries there, the HSMBXC isn't returning." Blue confirmed, bringing out his saber that was also suspiciously like Zero's. You might be noticing a pattern in character design here. "Now, I understand this is the opposite of proper strategy, but I'm going to charge in if that's okay with you."

"I'm not even sure if there's anything in the--" Bomber started, only to see Blue kneel down to begin a run. Bomber flicked the fuse upon his head in response, knowing well enough he couldn't stop Blue from going off to be a standard anime protagonist.

"Smell ya later, Bomb. Oh, and by the way!" Blue started, turning his head towards his friend.


"Call me Megar now, please and thanks. See you around~" He called in a sing-songy voice. And with that, he ran off at a suprisingly brisk pace, but not actually all that fast. You can tell he was trying, at least?

"Justice strikes!" Cries our protagonist, charging in at blistering speed (he finally accelerated) and cutting clean in half the nearest thing next to him. It was a fire hydrant, perhaps the last thing to be cutting. Also, but this one is sort of irrelevant, he missed the large machine next to him that had the explicit purpose of cutting him. The robot looked at Megar, and although non-expressionate, the disappointment was clear.

"Don't give me that look. It's smokey and I can't see prop--aaah!" Megar gave off a feminine yelp, and bounced away from a large, unnecessarily sharp claw that landed where he was standing a second prior. "You jerk, not even letting me finish my sentence--"

You might think that the second interruption was the robot trying more funny business, but it was actually just Megar stopping because the robot fell apart right in front of him. Standing behind it was Marina.

"...Uh. I didn't need your help?" Megar remarked, looking away and folding his arms.

"No, you probably didn't, Megar. Sure." Marina made a slick comeback.

"Hmph. You don--wait, how do you know I go by Megar now?"

"Word travels fast. Also, we've been talking to each other for like the past year anyway." Marina groaned, thinking of the subject on how fucking dense Megar could be sometimes.

"...Oh, right..." Megar slowly said, looking ahead of the duo. "Should we, like, go and sort those out?"

Marina just shook her head and walked ahead, and Megar slowly followed. The narrator, that's me, also Megar, I like talking in the third person, quietly mused to himself on whether he should be saying Marina or Aristocrat.

Not like it mattered, honestly it's pretty unlikely that this is ever going to be continued.


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Re: Generic SMBX Forum Fic(?)

Postby FireyPaperMario » Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:51 pm

Now that's a humorous SMBX Forums fan fiction! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Generic SMBX Forum Fic(?)

Postby ProngoKingdom » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:54 pm

>opens spoiler
>"i'm back you fucking losers"

I'm sold.
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