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Project Concept Arts

Postby Kixubug » Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:37 pm


Welcome to a very small spin off project I'm working on this year, This is a very bizarre project due to the fact of my craetivity to making in my head, So first off this might be similar to Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog and the Crash Banditcoot Franchise with lots of intresting stories and a bit small plots

The Story
This setting takes place in the factory many workers are developing the new strangely of these robots but however Professor Vintage accidently pressed the panic button and things go even crazier after that the capsule machines started to break the glass and fall into pieces are suddenly the monster were controlled by Vintage and it began to attack the entire factory all the workers ran away as fast as they can Later on Stari noticed that a factory has been going on chaos so later on Stari knew what happen to the past and then he soon start running to find what's happening on this planet.

Stari: show
Stari is the main protagonist in the series he got resigned and soon Vintage took over, But he knows that there was a chaos around the planet and he must stop the war and chaos of robots attacking the entire world.
So anyways feel free to reply about these concepts I will post arts coming soon.
PLEASE NOTE: I often rarely used this site in case if I could. If you want to talk to me please Private Message me so I can answer your questions.

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