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Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:18 am
by FireyPaperMario

Well, time for a breath of fresh air for Fan Fictions in the SMBX Community. Which takes place in not only the Super Mario Bros. universe, but in the (Nintendo) Multiverse. But anyways, enjoy*

Prologue Part 1: show

Super Smash Bros. The Polygon Wars Prologue Pt. 1

Around thousands of years ago, before life on Earth was born, there was a superior alien race that once tried to take control of the whole universe. This race of aliens’ body structure is constructed entirely by polygons in between human-like to sci-fi creature like, coated in a dark shade of purple. Those superior aliens were known as the deadly Polygan. With an iron fist, the polygon-like aliens took over several galaxies & planets. Plus, they enslave thousands of alien races who live in these planets & galaxies. By launching unexpected attacks or invasions on the poor alien races’ home planets!

Many brave souls tried to fight back against the Polygan to defend their homes & galaxies, but ended up either getting killed, becoming slaves to the Polygan race, or imprisoned. All thought hope was lost for the entire universe, until one faithful event, two brave beings, origin unknown, stood up and saved the universe from the war-obsess Polygan. These 2 heroic beings were very large, god-like gloves with very deity-like powers. One of the two hands, very crazy and filled with a ton of energy, was known as Crazy Hand. While the other deity hand, who’s not as hyper as Crazy Hand, was known as Master Hand. The duo hands were also known as the protectors of our universe.

The twin heroes round up an army of several alien races from galaxies that were about to be attack by the polygon aliens and declare war on the evil Polygan for the fate of the universe. And with about 2 square light years of battleships, & mechas robots, the heroic army is ready to fight. So in an empty galaxy with few unpopulated planets, the two sides finally begin the final battle.

After about 45 Earth minutes into the fateful fight, the mothership of the Polygan race eventually appeared, and turn the tide of the battle. The mothership itself was probably one of the biggest space vessels known to alien & humankind. Colored in the most dark-ish purple shades, the space vessel will be the last hope for the Polygonicaz race to win the war.

Right as the giant mothership appears from out of nowhere; both Master & Crazy Hands had no choice but to change their battle plan. The new battle plan is to command some of their troops to distract the mothership as long as they can, as some of the troops attempt to sneak inside the docking room and storm the ship. But right as the order was made from the deity hands, the Polygan mothership begin attacking the other vessels & mecha robots with some advance weaponry, and nuking them with deadly atomic bombs. Obeying orders, some of the space vessels & mecha robots flew around the dastardly mothership, and attacking it with lasers, and evading all shots fired and bombs exploding from the polygon-like mothership. And also, some of the Polygon alien vessels & mechas tried to defend their mothership by attacking back on the vessels & mecha robots. As for the other group of brave troops, they successfully snuck inside the ship!

Once the brave aliens who succeed, all of them pulls out their weapons & guns, and begin ambushing the Polygan aliens in a few separate groups. However, after the team has split up and begin their raid, the Polygan alien troops saw the security cams inside the ship, and rushes into action to kill off the invaders loyal to Master & Crazy Hands. As the separate groups rushes into many different rooms of the mothership, each were attacked by the fiendish Polygan troops in each room the groups attacks. Even with the reinforcements of more Polygan aliens aiding their follow troops in the room, they were still no match! The invaders even rescued the poor alien prisoners & slaves from their imprisonment. Soon, the heroic troops of Master & Crazy Hands, the freed prisoners and slaves of the Polygan race have destroyed almost all sections of the mothership. But there’s only one more part of the ship, and it’s the Captain’s chambers!

The leader of the entire Polygan race is structured more like a modern day human, but more polygon-like. And its entire body is coated in deep dark purple, darker than the rest of the Polygan race. The fiendish leader points its diamond-shape fingers at the attackers, and commands 3 juggernaut-like Polygan troops to kill off the invaders. These 3 juggernaut Polygan are more deadly, and blood thirsty than the most common Polygan troop and any alien of that race. Their weaponry is much bigger & stronger than any weapon in alien history, and more durable than any Polyganish weaponry. But that won’t give these polygon aliens an upper advantage.

With bravery and guts, the heroic invaders loyal to Master & Crazy Hand jumped away from all the attacks made with the dastardly Polygan juggernauts. 1 brave alien dash up 1 of the juggernaut-shape opponents, and preform an uppercut with its weapon. The attack was enough to kill off 1 of the evil juggernauts. Outraged about their fallen comrade, the 2 juggernauts went crazy with their attacks, killing off some of the brave invaders with a few slices. But as for the invaders that survived, they tried to come up with a plan to stop the juggernauts real quick, but couldn’t due to the juggernauts keep on attacking.

Until a bomb flew into the action scene. The ransom bomb landed next to the evil Polygan leader, between the leader & the big window. Confused, the wounded fleet looks around looking for whoever tosses that bomb. Luckily, it was the freed prisoners & slaves who threw that bomb at the nick of time. The bomb soon exploded, breaking the big window, sucking the Polygan leader & the 2 Polygan Juggernauts out of the room. The slaves & prisoners quickly led the fleet out of the scene, and quickly helped the fleet escape from the mothership.

Right after escaping the exploding mothership, the Polygan leader was eventually captured by Master Hand & Crazy Hand. And soon, gets imprisoned in interglacial prison for a lifetime sentence. But right before that, the dastardly leader launched a dark grape-colored gem into the deepest part of space.

Facing defeat, most of the surviving Polyganians freed the slave planets and not serves as lifetime slaves to the legendary Master & Crazy Hands. While some of the surviving Polyganians manages to escape, just searches for a way to free their imprisoned leader. But until then, the entire universe is at peace. Expect, wherever that Polygan gem’s location in the entire universe is completely unknown, even Master & Crazy Hand doesn’t know where that gem is. Until several decades later, the gem has crash landed in a newborn planet deep in a newborn galaxy. But what was this new galaxy?

And this newly created planet is in the galaxy, is earth.

*To Be Continue*

*It might take me a while to work on the story due to Homework & Community College, but hope y'all enjoy! ^^

Re: Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:54 pm
by Aristo
Okay, a few things

1. It's never a good idea to start a story with exposition-dump, because readers genuinly don't care. Is all this backstory really necessary to set up the events of the following? And if so, couldn't you have summarized it in just a few sentences? I also suggest you read up on Conservation of Detail in literature.

2. I can see your attempts at creating dramatic tension at some point, but it always falls flat because of either a grammatical shortcoming or because of the order in which you describe things.
"Then the dark Polygan leader got imprisoned by Master Hand and Crazy Hand. But BEFORE that he dropped an almighty macguffin into space!!! ... somehow. Between being sucked into space and being imprisoned." That's not interesting to read at all. Similarly this sentence:
"But as for the invaders that survived, they tried to come up with a plan to stop the juggernauts real quick, but couldn’t due to the juggernauts keep on attacking."
You build up and release tension within the same sentence. That just makes it boring. How about you go into detail about the plan and then reveal that it doesn't work out after all. That way the reader gets much more emotion out of the story.
Try to think about the way readers perceive your story, and how you can format it to make it interesting. Also this ties back into Conservation of Detail, or rather, common sense, but things like "more deadly", "the most dark-ish purple shades", there is no way something can be more purple than something else.

3. Proof-reading. If you're not sure about some grammar, have someone else proofread it with you. Proofreading is essential. No one wants to read a text with spelling and grammar errors in every second word. It really hurts the flow of the story.

Re: Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:57 pm
by FireyPaperMario
Thanks for the advice Aristo. I guess I have A LOT to learn about writing a Fan Fic that takes place in the Nintendo Multiverse. I'll have a friend of my proofread Prologue pt. 2 in advance.

Re: Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 4:33 pm
by FireyPaperMario
Here's the second part of the prologue of Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars after a very long delay. ^^
Prologue Pt. 2A: show

Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars Prologue Pt. 2A

Several years had passed since the polygon-shaped gem has crashed landed on planet Earth, and yet, no one throughout time ever noticed it. Until the ancient Aztecs discovered the gem during the start of the 16th century, and took it to their ancient temple hidden in the treasure room, deep under the ground. And this gem remains hidden in the Aztec temples, undiscovered forever, even at the time the Aztec lands were destroyed by small pox, and other diseases from the Spanish explorers. After the disease-ridden massacre, nobody visits that temple ever again.

Some centuries had passes after the ancient Aztec lands was destroyed, in modern times, a group of 4 young college-age students approaches the ruins of the Aztec temple in Mexico. These college students are part of an archaeology class expectation, wearing typical archaeologist uniforms; they’re ready for the search for Aztec artifacts. But they have to wait for their college professor before they begin the search. “Man, when’s Professor McJones gonna get here from the hotel, I’m getting tired of waiting for him!” said one of the 4 students impatiently. Another one of the 4 students sighs, and replies, “Chill out Dexter, I’m sure the professor says we can start without him if he didn’t show up at least 30 minutes.” Dexter nods his head, and added, “Okay then, we’ll give our professor a few more minutes!”

After waiting a few more minutes for their archaeology professor, the group decided to just begin the search for ancient Aztec artifacts in the ruins without the professor. The group decided to split up and search 4 different sections of the Aztec temple to look for artifacts. Inside the entry hall of the temple, one of the students decided to explore the basement floor of the temple. Another student went to explore the corridors of the main floor of the temple. While the rest went to the upper floors of the ancient temple. Eventually the student who’s searching the basement floors found an artifact. ‘Hmm… this artifact doesn’t look anything Aztec related….’ thought the student as he decided to leave the basement floors and reunite with his fellow students.

As the group meets up outside the Aztec temple, the group became amazed of what the student who found the treasure. “But are you sure this treasure is Aztec-related Phillip?” ask Dexter as he & the rest of the students examines if the treasure is Aztec origins or not. After a few minutes of discussing about the treasure, the group heard footsteps. “Oho, I see you started the search for ancient Aztec artifacts without me!” said an old man’s voice that came from nowhere along with the footsteps. The group turns around to see the owner of the voice.

The owner of the voice is a man, around in his late 50’s, and dud in the traditional archaeologist outfit. He appeared to be a fusion of Indiana Jones & Joseph Joestar, but at a height of 5’5”. The old man’s hair is short, and colored in a White-ish Silver color. “Professor McJones, you came, we just….” Cried 1 of the students with glee. Another student smiles to her college professor, and added, “Phillip found some mysterious artifact during our search.” The archaeology professor walks up the Phillip, and examines the discovery of his student. 3 minutes after examining, McJones asks his student, “This looks kind of unusual for something in the Aztec cultures…”

But the reunion was cut short, as the group heard a loud motorcycle engine running from about 4 miles away. “?!?” gasps everyone in the group as the loud motorcycle grew louder & louder with each seconds. “WAHAHAHA!!!!!” laugh an evil man’s voice as the entire motorcycle noise gets closer & louder, “GIMME THAT TREASURE!!!!!!” But right as the noise grew closer to the scene, Professor McJones realizes the voice of this thief.

“STUDENTS, LOOK OUT!!!!” cried the archaeology professor in vain. The students jump out of the scene at the nick of time. And then finally, the motorcyclist thief enters the scene. The cyclist looks very fat in person, except for the cyclist’s arm, as they’re very muscular. His outfit appears to be a yellow shirt & a yellow hat, and wearing purple overalls. There’s also a medium size purple “W” on the front of man’s hat. His head structure is very square-shape with a “W” shape mustache & pointy ears. “HAND OVER THE ARTIFACT MCJONES!!!!” yells the thief as he points at the group.

“Wario!” cried the professor in vain in front of his students. 1 of students walks up to the archaeology professor in fear, and asks, “You know him Professor?!?” McJones nods his head, and replied, “Me & Wario used to be partners for a few years, until I discovered that Wario was stealing our discoveries our party has found. “?!?” gasps the college students in fear. Wario, getting very impatience, honks his motorcycle horn loudly, “ENOUGH, JUST GIMME THAT DAMN ARTIFACT, OR I’LL MASSACRE YOU!!!”

Professor McJones turns to the greedy treasure hunter, and said “You want the artifact, then FIGHT ME!!!” Wario gives the professor an evil smile, and charges up his motorcycle in battle. “Professor, no! He’ll kill you.” Cried 1 of the students in tears. McJones ignored the student’s comment, and pulls out a hard leather whip from his backpack and a pistol.

Wario launched to his opponent at lighting speed to start off the fight, motorcycle first. But with quick agility, the archaeology professor jumps up into the air, evading the attack. While pointing his pistol at Wario and his motorcycle taking shots, aiming at the motorcycle tires. But the shots miss the target, and Wario quickly hop off his motorcycle, and body slams the professor to the ground. “GAH!!!!” gasp the professor as he landed to the ground in pain, while Wario lands safely back on his motorcycle. The students gasp in fear, as their archaeology professor struggles to get back on his feet.

*To be Concluded*

MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:18 pm
by FireyPaperMario
I figured I'd make a topic for ALL of my Shitty stories instead of making multiple topics for other stories. :P

Here's some Crap stories that'll show up in this crazy topic:
Shitty fan stories: show
  • Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars
  • *More coming whenever... >_>

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:00 am
by FireyPaperMario
Well, here's the end of the prologue of my story, Super Smash Bros. The Polygon Wars:
Spoiler: show

Super Smash Bros: The Polygon Wars Prologue Pt. 2B

After getting back on his feet, McJones points his pistol and repeatedly fires at the motorcycle engine, hoping to blow up the bike. Luckily, the shots landed exactly at the motorcycle engine, cracking it open enough to explode. BOOM! Wario, getting blown away from the bike exploding, rockets up a few yards up in the air, gasping in pain. “You got him Professor!” cheer all 4 of the archaeology students as they watch the opponent blown away from the action. But right as Wario slams down to the ground, the treasure hunter struggles to get back, and added, “YOU RAT BASTARD!!!!!”

Professor McJones looks away from Wario, and told his foe, “Face it Wario, you better just give up right now.” But the battle is still long from over, as Wario‘s rage has increase, and dashes toward the professor spinning his muscular arm as he charge up an attack. Frighten, 1 of the 4 students cried out, “Professor McJones, LOOK OUT, HE’S TRYING A SNEAK ATTACK!!!!” But the archaeology professor noticed the sneak attack, and quickly evades the dash attack.

SWIPE! McJones uses his leather whip to counter the attack. Wario, who’s still not defeated, landed back on the ground, and yells out, “I guess it’s time to unleash the ‘BIG GUNS’ to finish this duel McJones!” “?!?” gasps not only the professor, but the students who are watching the fight. Then Wario begins to charge up his ultimate attack to kill off his opponent. While Wario’s charging up his ultimate attack, one of the students just realizes what Wario’s attack is, and yells out to the archaeology professor, “McJones, HE’S ABOUT TO….. FART?!?” The rest of the students gasp in confusion after noticing the ultimate attack.

‘I need to think of a counter attack, QUICK!’ thought the professor as he heard his students’ warning. Unfortunately, Wario was about to fire out the finishing fart attack, and told his opponent, “Face it McJones, YOU’RE FINISHED!!!!!” as he step backwards toward the professor. But the professor came up with a plan. McJones quickly side-jumps to the left right when Wario crawl closer with his fart attack. “Think again you fiend!” yells McJones as he flips into the air. And after the end of the flip, he swung a whip attack that creates a whirlwind.

Luckily, Wario didn’t know about this attack, but launch his ultimate fart attack anyways. PHHHT!!! The massive fart attack surrounds the battle area. The students couldn’t believe it, their professor has lost. But a miracle happened a few minutes after the fart attack has started. They heard a whipping sound in the gas clouds. “?!?” gasp the group as they saw something getting blown out of the fart cloud, and screaming, “WAH!!!!!!” The students just noticed that it’s Wario, now defeated. After the fart cloud disappears, the fiendish treasure hunter got slammed into a nearby tree. SMACK! “Professor, YOU DID IT!” yelled one of the students as the group celebrates.

“Aw shucks, thanks, I could of done it without all’s cheering.” Replied the professor with a smile. Defeated, Wario came to, and points his finger at his opponent, saying “DON’T THINK YOU HAVE WON YET!! I’LL BE BACK TO SETTLE THE SCORE!!!” After that, the greedy treasure hunter exits the scene, gloating in rage out loud. “I believe this isn’t the last we see Wario,” said one of the archaeology student in bold. The professor turns back to his students, and said, “Well, we better go back to the states and examine this ancient treasure.” And the group leaves the scene, and head to the airport back to America.

Unfortunately, back in a prison galaxy that’s over millions of light years away from the Milky Way, where the Polyganians were doing hard time for centuries ever since their defeat by Master & Crazy Hands. Until now, the dastardly Polyganians munity against the prison, and destroyed it. Now they’re free thanks to a signal from the polygon-shaped gem, the entire race can finally resume their plans to take over the universe. While the alien race continues to enslave other worlds, they overthrow Master & Crazy Hands.

Now with the 2 god-like hands are out of the picture, is this a new age of terror for the whole universe?

*To Be Continued

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:28 pm
by GforGoomba
Why do people think their content is bad? (eg Musicality, you) I happen to like theirs, and mine too!

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:55 pm
by FireyPaperMario
GforGoomba wrote:
Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:28 pm
Why do people think their content is bad? (eg Musicality, you) I happen to like theirs, and mine too!
Why thank you! And fun fact: I only used the word, "Sh1tty", in this topic as a inside joke to describe my fan stories.

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:55 pm
by PixelPest
You switch tenses a lot which makes it difficult to read

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:57 pm
by FireyPaperMario
PixelPest wrote:
Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:55 pm
You switch tenses a lot which makes it difficult to read
Really? I guess my fan writing is getting worst and worst since after "SMBX: Civil War".

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:23 pm
by GforGoomba
MarioRPGExpert93 wrote:
Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:55 pm
GforGoomba wrote:
Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:28 pm
Why do people think their content is bad? (eg Musicality, you) I happen to like theirs, and mine too!
Why thank you! And fun fact: I only used the word, "Sh1tty", in this topic as a inside joke to describe my fan stories.
Well Im not an insider

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:32 am
by FireyPaperMario
Well, I wrote a new SMBX community based of crap fan story. And this time, this community fan fic is based off 1 of my favorite childhood films i loved as a child (It's based off "Castle in the Sky")!

The Lethal Labyrinth: Prologue:

Spoiler: show

Long ago, there was a legend of an ancient architecture located way up in the cloudy skies. Some say that the gods’ people built this skyward house during the start of the 8th century AD. Even nobody during the time the building was constructed to years after being finished knew what’s hidden inside this building. Expect for the builders of the gods, and one mortal family. Who once lived in the legendary aerial building for about 25 years. The main reason the family, the Mizusekiei clan, had taken refuge in the godly built house from a corrupted country whose government was once controlled by a dictatorship back on the surface. And the dictatorship government had no idea where the family flees to.

And about 5 years after settling inside the skyward home from the corrupted govern country, every member of the family discover the undiscovered secrets of the architecture in the sky that the deities left inside the house since the start of the building. Hidden inside the heart of the house was once mountains of untold riches, just enough to become very rich. But not only that, there is also a piece of god-like powers in a treasure chest at the center of the hidden room. After finding the lost secrets left by the gods during the construction of the legendary building, the whole family has vowed to protect this ancient secret from grave robbers, thieves, and greedy persons.

But the peace didn’t last too long, as the dictatorship government just noticed the Mizusekiei family had escape and hid beyond the sights of the corrupt country, and discovered their location. And eventually knew about the legendary secrets of the deity-built shelter that the family was hiding for a while. Once the dictator-controlled nation discovers the location, they plot an invasion on the aerial house up in the clouds, and kill off every member of the Mizusekiei family during the process. But the whole family didn’t know about the country they escape from about less than a decade ago is plotting to kill them all, and raid the building, until an angel sent from the gods warned them that every member is in grave danger. Fearing that the evil country would destroy the whole architecture and raid the treasures and secrets, + killing them all, the family hid 1 of their younger children deep inside the building in a time seal.

Right at the Mizusekiei family sealed away their younger child in the time seal for safety; it was too late to save the rest of the family, as the dictatorship-controlled country’s military had begun their attack on the legendary building. Some of the family members tried to hide away and seek escape from the military attack, while the rest tried to fight back and protect the treasures & secrets. But the members that tried to fight back against the corrupt military got massacred very quickly. As for the rest that tried to hide and seek an escape path out of the building, they sadly got caught and killed by the military eventually.

And once everyone Mizusekiei family (expect for the sealed child, who is unharmed) were massacred, the corrupted military continued their conquest of the deity-built architecture, and steal the mountains of treasures and the piece of godly power. Plus, after they raided the whole building, they were plotting on placing some explosives, and nuke the entire building to smithereens. But their deviant plans was side-tracked once the majority of the corrupt military have venture deep into the building, as parts of the building started to crumbles apart, crushing every fleet of the military inside. But was that the gods’ doing? No survivor ever knows.

After the destruction of both the family and military inside the ruined building, it remains up in the cloudy skies for the rest of eternity, but in a different location, moved by the gods & goddesses. But fearing that some greedy and/or evil minded people might try to enter the ruins, and steal everything, the deities set deadly traps and several dangers inside the skyward building to prevent any more bloodshed between good and evil. Plus, located in a more forbidden region in the entire sky, where no sane mortal would ever dare go through, the divine plan works, and the secrets of the aerial ruins is forever safe from the clutches of all evil. And still to this day, nobody still haven’t know where the location is.

But what ever happened to the young child whose still sealed away deep inside the ruins for so many years? Unfortunately, that still remains a big mystery for many decades to come or not, as some people believed that the young Mizusekiei child was forever dead and marks the end of the whole family. While some thinks that the seal capsule where the child was sealed away remains either hidden inside the ruins for eternity, while some think the time seal capsule had fell off the ruins, and became lost & forgotten for eternity. And a small handful of people believed that young child will reawakened from the seal, and returns to the ruins and restore peace among the world. But the world would never even know about the mystery for several years!

Until then, the mystery will remains unsolved with many unknown theories. And as a matter a fact, the people called this forbidden trap-filled sky, The “Lethal Labyrinth in the Sky”!

End of Prologue

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:47 am
by FireyPaperMario
After a long period of time, here's chapter 1 of the worst SMBX story ever:

The Lethal Labyrinth: Chapter 1:

Spoiler: show

About almost over 1300 years has passed since the dreadful events of the lethal labyrinth & the death of all (but one member) of the Mizusekiei family, and the once corrupted government controlled country was now freed from the dictatorship a few centuries later. But yet, everyone in the country had forgotten about the tragedy of the architecture in the sky way before winning the freedom from the corrupt dictatorship. And only a small handful of citizens still remember the tragic fate of the Mizusekiei clan. Unfortunately, some of the people who still know the story were classified as crazy, and some of those had passed away earlier to some time ago. Still, the rest of the country’s population just pretends the story of the dangerous area was just a fairy tale.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the nation of the SMBX forums, at a location so unknown, an uncharted sky base was floating above the clouds. This evil sounding sky base has writing on the top saying “Official Base of the Powerful HSMBXC” on the sign atop of the base. Inside this base were the remaining men of the power-hungry SMBX High Counsel, an evil group of mastermind men that were trying to seize control over the whole SMBX forums for years, are plotting their next attack to the good people of the community.

“Damn that Aero bastard for destroying half of our army during that war!” yells out of the evil men of the HSMBXC in rage. “If it wasn’t for Aero’s damn sacrifice move, we would of won control over the nation and kill off Kley and the staff, plus capture this Otaku guy!!!!!” cried out another HSMBXC member in frustration. The 2 counsel men were fully pledged generals in the whole counsel fleet, ordered by their great and all powerful, Mr. Zeta to kill off anyone who gets in the high counsel’s way of taking over the whole nation of SMBX. But ended up pissing off their great leader, and threated to be killed if both generals failed their mission one last time. “Hey you guys! Are y’all planning another attack?” “?!?” gasp both generals and they heard 1 of the elites coming down their way.

“Elite Raster?!?” gasp 1 of the 2 generals in a surprise tone right when Raster enters the scene. “Yeah, we’re plotting a new…..” said the 2nd general in embarrassment, while having trouble finishing up his sentence. Raster sighs and slaps the 2 men, “A new what? Don’t tell me you two dumb asses didn’t think this through!” After hearing that, the 2 generals stop and nod their heads yes in shame. “You both know what happened with Michel last time way before you two lazy assholes screwed up during the Winter War of 2016?” angrily scream Raster to his men enraged. “W… We were too…” said the 2nd general struggling to keep his cool, but Raster stopped him.

“Reckless?” asked Raster in a furious tone at him men. That causes the 2 counsel generals to not talk back, fearing that the elite might yell and kill them both. But after about a minute of quick thinking, 1 of the HSMBXC generals had an idea to tell Raster. “Hey,” said the general with the idea, “why don’t we go to the ‘forbidden’ lethal labyrinth area? We might have a chance of conquering the SMBX community if we go grab this ‘Divine Gift’ for ourselves.” Thinking for a few seconds, Raster rubs his chin, and said to his High Counsel members, “Are you bat shit insane?!? That’ll be way too dangerous to do and achieve! In a matter of fact, you two mop the floor!” Enraged at his henchmen’s stupid idea, he left the room frustrated.

Back on the ground, in the region of the SMBX forums, at a nearby graveyard, a man wearing a cloaked hood was kneeling close to two gravestones. The man was also praying to both graves, as if the two members who died were the 2 close friends of this man. It even appears that this man isn’t even crying at all, but still sad for the 2 friends. “I’m sorry dear friend; I should have save your life by letting Noodle & the banned squad takes away my whole life instead of yours during the forums massacre of 2017, I been a terrible friend and sensei!” whispered the cloaked man to himself as he struggles not to cry. And then he turns to the grave to his right, and whispers, “And Aero, thank you for the sacrifice during the HSMBXC attack a few weeks ago, but I can’t let your noble sacrifice be in vain.” He rubs his eyes, trying not to cry for the fallen honorable mod for his deed.

“My god Otaku, you’re still not letting go Aero’s death?!? What the hell is your problem?” said a random voice from out of nowhere. “?!?” gasp the cloaked man as he quickly turns around to see the owner of this voice. Surprised, the owner of the voice was 1 of 3 other SMBX members that recently enters the scene, although all 3 members’ looks very pissed off. “Guys, I seriously don’t go by that name anymore!” replied the cloaked man who was once named Otaku in rage, “And second, Aero’s death wasn’t my fault! It was either let me get captured by the High Counsel or have him die!”

One of the 3 SMBX members in the group, Electriking, nods his head. And said to the cloaked man, “We seriously don’t give a fuck man, you’re the reason our community is struggling to survive the HSMBXC attacks.” While Electriking and the 2 other SMBX members taunts Otaku/RPGExpert, they heard a loudly sound of footsteps outside the graveyard. “What the hell was that? Sounds like it’s in Fanta forest” said 1 of the 3 SMBX members (Mosaic) as he realizes where the noise’s location is. RPGExpert, after getting up and looks around, points east, and added, “I think the footsteps is east in Fanta forest!” And then the bold otaku dashes into the Fanta forest, looking for the sounds. “Wait, Otaku!” yells out Mosaic as he chases the man into the forest. While Electriking and the other SMBX member follows their friend.

As the 4 ventures deeper in the forest, they eventually found the source of the noises. RPGExpert, after reaching the center of Fanta forest, saw a mysterious capsule covered in moss and dust. ‘This looks very ancient, like this capsule was lost in this forest for several decades.’ thought the cloaked man as he examines the artifact. “Otaku!” cried Electriking as he and his party are growing closer to the scene.

But right as the rest of Electriking’s group enters the scene, the mysterious artificial capsule unknowingly opens up. “?!?” gasp everyone in the scene as only RPGExpert was the only brave one to check out what’s inside. As the man searches inside the capsule for any demons, Electriking and co hid in the brushes. But luckily, RPGExpert found no demons inside. Instead, it was a young 13 year old girl, sleeping like she’s in a sleep spell. “Who is she?” whispers RPGExpert out of being surprised with the discovery.

End of Chapter 1

Re: MarioRPGExpert writes sh1tty fan stories

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:39 pm
by FireyPaperMario
So, after 8 long-ass months of this shitty fan story thread being "DEAD", I'm back with chapter 2 of my god-awful SMBX fan story, The Lethal Labyrinth! Enjoy! :P

The Lethal Labyrinth: Chapter 2:

Spoiler: show
As RPGExpert/Firey examines the artifact, both Electriking, Mosaic, and the other member frighteningly hideaway in the trees. "I hoped there's not a monster in this capsule looking thing…." gasps Mosaic as he shakes and bites his nails in fear. "Relax man!" replied the other member as he pats Mosaic's back, "Otaku's a warrior, if there is a monster in this, he'll probably handle it with ease." Only after a few minutes of examining the artifact, Firey turns to the group, and yells out, "Don't worry guys, it's safe! It's just a young girl in a deep sleep." After hearing that, the 3 members stepped out of the bushes calmly and joins up with Firey. The 4 community members look into the artifact capsule, and Electriking, Mosaic, and the other member couldn't believe their eyes. "Holy Ultimate Rinka," cried Mosaic out loud, "It's like this girl was from a different era of the world!!!" Firey, as he facepalms to Mosaic's comment, slaps him, and whispers, "SHHHHH… You might wake her up, stay quiet." Unfortunately, after a few minutes of examining the ancient capsule, the group heard loud footsteps from a 05-mile radius. "?!?" gasp everyone expects for RPGExpert/Firey as the group thought they unleashed a terrible fate.

"W... What is going on here?!?" yells out the other SMBX member in fear of getting killed by an unexpected force. Firey, feeling brave, turns to the 3 friends, and replies, "Get your guard and battle station positions up, I believed this is gonna get hairy!" Two of the 3 friends rushes towards Firey's side, along with their weapons. "Listen, otaku," said Electriking as he enters the battle station with Mosaic, "With Aero dead, you're the community's last chance of winning the war." Eventually, the footsteps grew louder, and whoever was walking around soon enters the scene.

"I think the weird-looking artifact is here, boss!" cried a voice. "?!?" gasp Firey and co as they realize what's coming up. "Oh my god!" whispers Firey in disappointment, "Not them again!" Eventually, the small group of men enters the scene, battle-ready. The other SMBX member sighs, and thought to himself, 'Why these guys?!? Aren't we in a big war with the HSMBXC?!?' Mosaic shakes his head in despair and complaint to the group of men, "Don't tell me you three stupid thieves were the ones who unearthed this artifact earlier?!?" as he facepalms. "By Ultimate Rinka's sake, yeah, but it ours for taking!" replied 1 of the thieves. Feeling angry with the thieves' greed for a quick buck, Firey points his crystal hammer at the group and yelled: "Can't you bastards stop stealing shit and selling them?"

Firey, right before the battle starts, turns to Mosaic & Electriking, and points at them, saying, "You two can fight along if you want." The two community members, steps into the battlefield, battle-ready, and rushes toward the trio of thieves. Behind the two, brave Firey hop, and bounced off the nearby trees and attacks from above. While airborne, Firey swung his hammer at lightning speed, towards 1 of the thieves. The hammer hits the target with massive damage in the head. "GAHH!!!" gasps 1 of the 3 members of the trio, as he falls from the hammer attack. Unfortunately for that thieve trio member, he got stomped, back first, by Firey as he performs the spinning stomp., crunching the thief’s back.

Electriking & Mosaic, as the 2 fights against the 2 remaining members of the trio, struggled to stand a chance to win the battle. 1 of the 2 remaining thieves gave a smug look at his opponents, can gloat, “How about I give you two dumb asses cracked skulls, from THIS CLUB ATTACK!!!” right as the thief rushes toward Mosaic & Electriking with a heavy spiky club, prepping a painful attack on the two. But what the attacking thief wasn’t expecting, brave Electriking was preparing a counter move with an electrical touch attack. Unfortunately for the thief, he gotten electrified by Electri’s touch attack. And with that, the attacking thief has fallen in defeat, leaving the remaining member of the trio standing.

“I… I gotta get the hell outta here, screw you guys!!!!” gasps the only thief standing as he steps back from fight, trying to run away. Right as that happens, Mosaic scratches his head in confusion. “Um…. That was anticlimactic….” said Mosaic as he couldn’t believe what happens. Electriking steps towards the SMBX member, pat his hand on Mosaic’s shoulder, and replies, “Let him go man, I’m sure the thief will learn his lesson.” “I’m sure they’ll never learn….” added Firey, as he approach the two.

“W.. W… What is this place?” said a voice that the 3 SMBX members had never heard before. “Um. Who’s in this forest other than me, Otaku, Mosaic, & Electri?!?” said the other SMBX member as he exits the bushes, and rejoins the group. The 4 friends looks around at all directions of the forest, until they noticed that the voice is coming out of the capsule. Coming out of the artifact capsule was the young girl who originally was in a deep sleep, rubbing her eyes out of waking up. Firey approaches to the awaken girl, and lean forwards to her. The young girl’s eyes sparkles in surprise, and said in a weak voice, “B… B… Brother?” ‘Wait, I’m her brother?!?’ thought Firey as nod his head to the left side. The other 3 SMBX members walks up to the scene, and Electriking looks at the awoken girl, and ask her, “Young one, what’s your name?”

The young mysterious girl looks down, and up to the group, and replies, “A… A… Akimi Mizusekiei….” Mosaic stands up, and scratches his head thinking, and added, “Mizusekiei….. That sounds a bit familiar..” While the members (excluding Firey) tries to figure out where they heard of the name, Mizusekiei, from, Firey picks up the young Akimi, and walks away from the scene. “We better take this girl to Headmaster Kley, maybe he’ll know about this mystery.” said Firey as he exits into the woods, and into the SMBX community. “Yeah, let’s see what Kley knows about the Mizusekiei.” added the other member, right as he, Mosaic, and Electri follows the cloaked man into the exit.

But meanwhile, in the sky base of the HSMBXC, the counsel members were hosting a big important meeting in the 4th floor of the evil sky base. “Members of the powerful High SMBX Counsel, hear me out!” announced Mr. Zeta, the all-powerful and evil leader of the HSMBXC, “I have come up with a prefect plan to finally seize control over the whole SMBX forums, and enslave this one foe named, ‘Otaku’, once and for all!” The crew claps to their dreadful leader for at least 3 minutes. Raster stands up once clapping ends, and shouted, “We can finally get revenge on those abusive staff members, teaching them what we’re made of!!!” “HELL YEAH, LET’S AVENGE MICHEL!!!!” yelled out another HSMBXC member, determine that the counsel will finally win the war. Mr. Zeta raised his hand, telling his counsel members to hush, and then said, “Yes, yes, we’ll finally avenge our fallen allies with this plan, so let’s all hear out my plan...”

“Ha, you really think your ‘To be announced’ plan will help ya win this war!” yells out an unknown voice, unfamiliar to the whole counsel. “?!?” gasps everyone in the room as they turns to the end of the room, and noticed a mysterious man at the door. “Who is this guy?” gasps the HSMBXC members as they look at the man.

End of Chapter 2

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Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:56 am
by FireyPaperMario
After another long hiatus of waiting, Chapter 3 of the WORST SMBX fan story is finally here:

The Lethal Labyrinth: Chapter 3:

Spoiler: show
As the mysterious man walks from the door of the big meeting room, and approached to Mr. Zeta, the entire members of the HSMBXC starting whispering each other. This man appeared to be very tall, and dressed in a gray-ish brown military uniform. His glasses shined from the reflect, hiding his evil looking eyes, and he appears to be smoking a cigar while walking up to the leader. Confused at the mysterious man who thinks the next dreadful plan of the HSMBXC will fail once again is right about that, gasped in anger, “Who the god damn hell invited you into our sky base, and who are you anyways?!?” The mysterious military man looked up at the evil leader of the high counsel, point his finger at the leader, and replied, “My name is Yamishirogane Makkuro, I’m a descendant of the once powerful Makkuro dictator family who once ruled the neighboring country to the SMBX country!”

Hearing that, the whole members of the high counsel gasps in feared! “What?!? HE’S FROM THE DICTATOR FAMILY FROM LONG AGO?!?”, “HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?”, “?!?”. Yamishirogane, took a bow for about 10 seconds, and turned to the audience in the meeting room. He pulls out a hand gun from his right pant pocket, and point at the audience, saying, “Yes in deed, but I’m not going to enslave your country, as I’m here to help you counsel members win this feud y’all are having right now.” Surprised at the dictator’s proposal on helping the high counsel win the feud, Mr. Zeta pause for a few seconds, and told the dictator, “And how are you gonna help us destroy the community, Makkuro?”

Yamishirogane give a little chuckle, and points both his right & left index finger to the window of the meeting room, and added, “We’ll go to the lethal labyrinth, and obtain that secret whatever hidden in the ancient ruin house at the end of the labyrinth!”. “?!?” gasps everyone else in the meeting room as the Makkuro dictator finished explaining his plan. “ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY?!?” yells Mr. Zeta at the dictator in rage, “THAT’S SUICIDAL!!!!” Yamishirogane turns around to the high counsel leader, slapping him with a swift slap, and explain, “Let’s just say, this mission is not for me but for avenging my ancestors who died trying to kill that damn Mizusekiei family for protecting that one secret from my family, 1300 years ago!”

Speechless after hearing the dictator’s story on why he wants to help the counsel win the feud, Raster walks up to Yamishirogane from the audience seats, and put his hand on the dictator’s shoulder, and said, “Okay, we’ll do it, the whole HSMBXC will help you and your military get what you want, but as long as you kept your word, and destroy the entire SMBX community, no funny business!”. The evil dictator smiles at the HSMBXC member, and replied, “Good, and but that’s not all, I heard that 1 family member of the Mizusekiei family is still around in this world.” and after saying that, he turns to face the window and added, “And yet no one knows about her whereabouts are still!”

The whole HSMBXC in the audience started asking questions in whispers for about 5 minutes. “Is this guy serious?”, “I thought all of the Mizusekiei family was killed off centuries ago?”. So after the 5 minute period of whispering, the entire audience stopped and turns to Mr. Zeta & Yamishirogane, and 1 of the audience members stand up from his seat, and yelled out, “LET’S DO THIS!”. As for the other HSMBXC members in the audience, they applaud to the dictator’s suggestion. With a proud feeling about his plan, Yamishirogane turns his back to the audience, pulls out a portable communication device from his uniform chest pocket, and talks to the mic of the device, silently saying, “Men, I made extra allies, continue the search for this missing capsule.” After that, he turns around, and plans the counsel’s next move with Mr. Zeta.

Meanwhile, back in the nation of the SMBX forums, Firey, Electriking, Mosaic, and the mysterious, yet clueless Akimi just entered the staff mansion to ask Kley about the Mizusekiei family. Upon entering the foyer of the mansion, Firey walks up to 1 of the mansion guards, while carrying young Akimi, and said, “I wish for the 3 of us to see Headmaster Kley for an important meeting”. The guard points his spear at the second floor of the mansion. And the 4 thanks the guard and walks up the stairs, and enters the headmaster chambers.

Confused on what’s going on, young Akimi looks around the chamber. “W.. What is this place, it’s unfamiliar to me...” silently said the girl as she scratches her head. Firey turns to the young Mizusekiei girl, and reply, “This is the chamber of the wise and all knowing sage of our community, Kley, Akimi,” Akimi’s eyes sparkles as she continue to looks around the room. Near the end of the chamber, the 4 finally saw headmaster Kley, resting on his chair. “Oh great headmaster Kley, we’re here for a curious answer.” chanted Electriking in a tone that awoken the SMBX headmaster. The headmaster woken up, rubbing his eyes, and face the 3 SMBX members, and young Akimi.

“What is it now, Electriking, Mosaic, and Otaku? And who’s this young one with you?” ask the tuckered out headmaster as he struggles to stay awake. Firey walks up the Kley, and turns his back to him, showing young Akimi, “We’d like to know if you know anything about the Mizusekiei family, and this girl, Akimi.” Mosaic nods his head while thinking to himself, ‘There’s no way this girl is the Mizusekiei family member from the lethal labyrinth fable...’. After about a minute and a half of examining young Akimi, he jumped to conclusions, yelling out, “Well I be damn, this IS the one Mizusekiei girl who survived the massacre in the ancient house in the sky, 1300 years ago!!”

“?!?” gasp both Electriking & Mosaic in shock after learning that. “Y. Y. You know of my family????” softly replied Akimi in surprised.

End of Chapter 3