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Animal Crossing Journal Entries

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:56 am
by GforGoomba
Journal Entry 1: Welcome To Wakanda
School is over, summer's here and I can do anything in the world for 3 months. Me and mom were planning a vacation and I was excited. The vacation was in a town called Wakanda, Animal Crossing, which is basically a daycare for teens where they can buy a house for "bells" and sell fruit for "bells" and buy stuff for "bells"... everything basically revolves around money there. So my mom called up the taxi to pick me up and I met the taxi driver, who talks like a pirate, and my friend Chris, who looks super scared to go there.
Me: Chris, what's wrong?
Chris: Neuman, you don't understand! I was planning to go to Fortnite Island, but my mom wanted me to go to Animal Crossing instead!
Me: At least Animal Crossing doesnt have a massive cube that basically corrupts the whole landmass...
Chris: Well at least Fortnite Island doesn't group you with fucking animals! I'm not getting eaten by a god damned bear!
Me: Touche... I should not have planned this trip.
Taxi Driver: Watch yer language, Chris, me lad! I may be a sailor but I ain't a sailor MOUTH!
Chris: You sure soundin like one!
Me: Damn, sick burn!
Taxi driver: You too Neuman!

Thats all the dialogue on the trip I can remember. When we arrived at Wakanda Town Hall, me and Chris went off the taxi bawling our eyes out. We slowly crept toward the town hall doors and cracked it open, but saw a friendly little frog instead.

Me: Aww, so cute!
Chris: Watch out for warts though, I had bad dreams about that frog...

And then we went into the town hall to ask the frog where we were, or I may be just going insane.

Me: So, uh, where are we and what is this?
Frog: le ribbit
Me: Either you can talk to animals or you're fucking crazy.
Chris: N-no... It actually talked!
Me: What did it say?
Chris: Ahem.... "Welcome to Wakanda, capital city of Animal Crossing! Us animals are friendly here, so no need to worry! Your house is just west of here!" Maybe it's because you didnt bring your phone. Apparently the animals here have a bluetooth connection in their brain that translates their speech.
Me: Well I didnt hear it because I dont wear Apple Air Pods.

Me and Chris went to our house and took a nice look around, but it looks like fucking shit. We went out of the house and encountered a raccoon

Raccoon, as translated by Chris: Hm, it appears you both got a reservation for the same house, so you both have ti pay for it! That'll be 150,000,000 bells!
Me: Do you accept US dollars!
Raccoon: Yup, the exchage rate is 5 thousand dollars for 1 bell!
Me: Sorry, I don't have that much.
Raccoon: Come work at my place and you can pay it off piece by piece!

So me and Chris headed where the raccoon was headed, and he went in a building called Nook's Cranny. I estimate that his name is probably Nook.

Nook: Alright, I need you to deliver these pieces of furniture. The carpet goes to Margie the elephant, the table goes to Camofrog and this letter goes to Benedict the chicken.
Chris: Easy shit, we got this covered.

So we delivered to the respective peopl- er, animals, and I got my pay check, which all of it went into my house payments. No groceries, no savings, no nothing. Looks like he either wants the ching-ching-ching or he didn't take my personal finance class I took at school. I couldn't translate Nook because Chris wasn't here, but he sent me a note to send to Chris. I looked all over for Chris and it turns out he was talking to Margie the elephant. I sent Chris the note and he was terrified!

Note: Dear Chris, we're sorry to inform you but we have noticed you've been slacking off, so YOU'RE FIRED! Sent with much love, Tom Nook, owner of Nook's Cranny
Chris: Holy fuck, how are we gonna get our house payments done now?
Me: Looks like we have to sell some of these fruits.

So we picked some fruits and sent them to Tom for money.

Nook: Chris, get the fuck outta here, youre fired. Neuman, I'll pay 300 bells for these fruits.

Apparently, fruits are that valuable in Animal Crossing. Now that our work is done, we went to the air spray shop next door.

Llama: Hello and welcome to Abel Sisters, how may we help you?
Me: I'll have a t-shirt of Mario from Super Mario.
Chris: I'll have a t-shirt of Jonesy from Fortnite.
Llama, whom I assume is named Abel: That'll be 150 bells for the both of you.

After we paid our bells and got our shirts, we went to our house and slept the night.

Chris perspective
Nooman doesnt no this, but I have a crush on Marji. She asked me for my birth day so she coud get my sine. I was a Toris, acording to her. Im scared that she mite sell it to third partys.

Re: Animal Crossing Journal Entries

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:28 am
by FireyPaperMario
Well, all I can say about this fan fiction* is that it's a step up from sharing other people's stories on the SMBX forums imo.

*I'm not sure if I could call this a "fan fiction" or not...

Re: Animal Crossing Journal Entries

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:35 am
by GforGoomba
FireyPaperMario wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:28 am
Well, all I can say about this fan fiction* is that it's a step up from sharing other people's stories on the SMBX forums imo.

*I'm not sure if I could call this a "fan fiction" or not...
Its a fan fiction based on something that happened in my game of Animal Crossing Wild World

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Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:17 am
by GforGoomba
Journal Entry 2: Roads And Shit
Another day in Wakanda, Animal Crossing, another day of a town I can get used to. I said hi to all of my new friends, but the problem is, I couldn't find my way around so it was a little hard. After I sold all of the peaches that exist, made a few thousand bells to afford to make roads connecting to the houses. I went to the air spray shop to make me some floor tiles that look like road which cost me 2450 bells. I laid out all the tiles at the shopping island which has Nook's Cranny, Abel Sisters and Benedict's house. After I finished laying out all the tiles, one of them got stuck to a tree and I couldn't get it out. I'll have to invest in axes soon.

Chris Perspective
Marji gave me her Discord acc so she and I coud chat wile shes gon. I found out shes an expert programer witch makes me mor woried about my info.

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Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:28 pm
by Rhosty
The bad grammar makes it even funnier

Re: Animal Crossing Journal Entries

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:04 pm
by GforGoomba
Rhosty wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:28 pm
The bad grammar makes it even funnier
Where is the bad grammar exactly? The only bad grammar I see is in the Chris Perspective segments.

Animal Catching Journal Entries

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:42 pm
by GforGoomba
Journal Entry 3: Evicted!
Me and Chris were doing some roadwork in the town of Wakanda. After he and I finished, I went back home only to find out that Tom Nook was at my front door, dressed in a suit and tie.

Tom: Boys, boys, boys. I have a BONE to pick with you.
Chris: Judging by the way you emphasized "bone", are you suggesting that you're secretly Sans from Undertale.
Me: Well you ARE the only animal that can talk...
Tom: Well I was taught by my buddy Totakeke, who was a human then underwent prosthetic surgery to be a dog... Anyways, every time you avoid your house payments, I punch my tail.

Tom proceeds to punch his tail.

Tom: You boys are punching my tail. Since you keep punching my tail so much, I have no choice but to EVICT you. Have your bells back, which they used to exchange for 1 mil USD to 1 bell, now it's 1 mil bells to 0.001 USD!
Chris: Thanks for fucking us over with that lousy exchange
Tom: Thank YOU for not paying your house payments!

So Chris and I got evicted, thats stupid considering we were supposed to pay piece by piece. Apparently we had enough to pay it off. Tom escorted us back to the town hall and waited for the taxi to arrive.

Taxi driver: Yarrgh, mateys, looks like ye got kicked out.
Chris: I didnt want to go to that fucked up place anyway.
Taxi driver: Well I've not known where ye live, so I'm droppin ye off in central Pallet Town.
Me: But we live in the Life Star!
Taxi driver: Me cab can't go to the outer stars, so you're on your own!

Taxi driver proceeds to push us out of the car and in front of Oak's office. Chris and I went into Oak's office and saw the famous inventor of the Pokénimal Index - Professor Oak!

Oak: Let me guess, rivals since birth, wanting a Pokémon for the wild, trying to get into the Elite Four?
Me: Yeah... sure.
Oak: Well pick one out.

I wanted to have the green ball, but Chris wanted the red ball, so we held a Rock Paper Scissors match. We both tied, so we had to choose the blue one. The ball was hard to get open, but eventually we got it and a red koopa troopa with blue skin came out.

Oak: According to the Pokénimal Index, that's either a fire troopa or a Squirtle.
Chris: Mine says it's a Squirtle.
Oak: Yeah, Google owns MY invention now, so my client isn't up to date...

Chris Perspective
Got fuck, I got avictid from Animel Crosing witch meens I cant see my love Marji anymores.

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Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:31 pm
by FireyPaperMario

Um.... Sorry for the criticism about this "Animal Crossing" theme fan fiction, but Rhosty's right about this story. I actually copied and paste the whole first journal entry in the Grammarly app, and the results of grammar errors doesn't make this story any good imo! And I don't wanna be a rude critic, but this makes "Super Smash Bros. Polygon Wars" look like the greatest story ever written by a SMBX member.... :roll:

So you got a lot to learn about writing a good fan story.

Re: Animal Crossing Journal Entries

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:23 am
by MegaDood
I think it can be improved, but with practice, I'm sure you'll do better.