Check out my new album "Hated" on CD and Digital!

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Check out my new album "Hated" on CD and Digital!

Postby Ryuji231 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:21 pm


This album was titled 3 different things before it got settled with "Hated". I picked the title simply based upon a series and chains of events starting from April 2019 when a so-called juggalo called the FBI on me for fighting back against his slander and bullying, and culminating with a chain of events that forced me to alter one of the songs for this release and reminded me of who are really my friends and who were just dick ridin' just for the sake of wanting to have more hollow friends then one another, the same type of people who even after you sincerely apologize 7 or so times and change a song to prove it was sincere it's "Not good enough" for those sjw tree hugging hippie types. Oi! it's a tough world out there.
Here's a snippet of the release from the news post at my website

That's right. since Killa-mo 187's hated by pretty f**king much everybody, why not capitalize on it and make a quick buck?
Anyways. "Hated" will be unleashed upon the world on October 31st, 2019!
And here's the tracklisting for all to embrace:
1. Planting Seeds: A word from William Cooper
2. Tree of Woe - Produced by Ryini Beats.
3. Your Out Of Luck [interlude]
4. Don't F**k With KM - Produced by Almighty Knicca
5. I'm A Lunatic - Produced by Millex
6. Drunken Rage - Produced by Jackson Beatz
7. Murda Rap 2 Ft It'z Real and Michael Morbid - Produced by Discent
8. Torture Ft Lil Haze Yung Nati Chick - Prod. by #WickedSick
9. Unresolved - Prod. by Contrary Beats
10. Celebrity Nightmare Act III: Youtube Massacre - . Prod. by #WickedSick
11. Censor This! - Prod. by Rifti Beats
12. Transgender Trump Supporters - Prod. by Rick Rude
13. Horrorizt RMX Ft Thee Infekted & 2WizeDead - Prod. by Tha OG King Tucc
14. Death To An Icon [interlude]
15. Ultraviolent Kingslayer - Prod. by Brian Harris
16. The Purge Ft Koffincreep - Prod. by Rujay
17. Horrorflik Warlordz Ft Wiccid Lo & 2Wizedead - Prod. by Redline

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