A new home for my music (here).

Share anything artistic that you've made, like short stories, drawings, and music.
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Rux Ton
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A new home for my music (here).

Postby Rux Ton » Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:01 pm

So, I produce electronic music. I'll use this as a thread to showcase my newer upcoming works, etc.

Let it be known that I use FL Studio. I bought it back when it was version 3 and I am still goin strong with it. I canNOT wait for 12 to come out ughh. My toes curl in suspense :x :oops:


PERSONAL Favorites
https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/make-it-fresh-1 - I consider it to be glitchy, funk with a fusion of hiphop and grime. With dash of chill for good measure. Relaxing but heavy is what I was aiming for. I did some bass resampling techniques (for those who make music and are curious, I did that with the bass, and a lot of the ambient sounds i did as well.)

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/meladronin-original-mix An electro house track I did that was me experimenting with vocoders with bass. I used some sound clips of Vegeta from DBZ Budokai games to modulate the bass in here. The mixing and mastering isn't too good, but I use a laptop to produce so I don't have much "professional" gear. I make the best of my situation I guess. Also, I used Harmor a LOT in this.

https://soundcloud.com/electro/rux-ton-poda-sizza If you like square basses, this is for you. Also Duke Nukem sample ftw. I had a lot of fun with this. I tried to bring a heavy edge to my favorite kind of bass from back in the older electro days.

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/the-munsta-rux-ton-remix A remix I did for the SCNDL contest over at Monstercat Records. I lost but this was fun. Slow electro. Check it.

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/ice-cap-z ... iano-remix My Ice Cap Zone remix from Sonic The Hedgehog. If you like strictly piano, this is for you.

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/water-world-rux-ton-remix A Silent Hill, and various other horror games-inspired Water World remix from DKC3.

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/aquatic-ambience-remix Aquatic Ambience. Should I even speak on this? From DKC1, the song we all know and love. Enjoy.

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/sets/my-t ... ere-a-tale An RPGMaker VX Ace game: http://www.indiedb.com/games/yandere-rpg

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton/map-3 For the wonderful Project DKC4 fangame. Amazing physics engine, 4 years in the making. I'm so glad to be apart of this as this game series literally changed my life: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DKC4/131 ... ?ref=br_tf

Thanks for listening, and I hope to make this page a new home for my newest works. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns etc... I do not mind teaching any tips, or tricks. I have video capture software so, If you use FL Studio and are curious about anything... Please ask. Let's make this thread a wonderful place for music producers from beginner to advance.

I am an electronic music producer.
I do music for my own personal projects as well as for indie games. It all started when I was a little kid playing Donkey Kong Country 2, and the music changed my life.
By producer I mean I completely program the music, and do the synthesis from scratch. It's fun for me. VERY fun.

https://soundcloud.com/ruxton <--- Check out my music on soundcloud here.

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Re: A new home for my music (here).

Postby WerewolfGD » Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:11 am

uh... cool music. I think I can use this music in my level. Can't wait to see more

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Re: A new home for my music (here).

Postby Imaynotbehere4long » Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:41 pm

I listened to your songs recently, and here are my disjointed comments:

The two most recent ones are well done ambient tracks. In fact, I'd say that all of your ambient songs (Octopus Guts Stitches, Klasps That Kreep, Yandere's OST, etc.) are at least okay if not well done.

The main melody for Make it Fresh is well done, but the "glitchy" voice samples in the background (would they be considered part of the bass?) don't really fit the rest of the song.

Himedere just sounds like a generic "spooky house" theme that might play in the background of an advertisement.

Barrels Up High should be expanded; it's pretty good, but it just sounds incomplete. Also, I felt that the random Stickerbush Symphony bass-line didn't fit the song.

I almost didn't recognize that the Ice Cap Zone remix was a remix of Ice Cap Zone; I had to listen to it twice. Same with the DKC3 underwater remix. :)

I don't really have much to say about the other tracks. They're either a remix, a re-post, too short to really be enjoyable (like FIRST KEY CHANGE EVER), or there's some minor part that I personally find annoying, like emphasis on the dubstep instrument (I believe it's called the Wub-wub), voice samples, or a short musical phrase that repeats, only increasing in pitch (like in Face Mask, Oil Drums Are Neat, and Poda Sizza), but your songs are enjoyable overall. Keep up the good work!
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