Sandbox Posting Guidelines [New!]

Off-topic discussion.
Forum rules
Before you make a topic/post, consider the following:
-Is there a topic for this already?
-Is your post on-topic/appropriate?
-Are you posting in the right forum/following the forum rules?
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Sandbox Posting Guidelines [New!]

Postby AeroMatter » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:57 pm

Hello everyone, ever since my last guidelines was lost thread quality has gone down quite a bit here. This thread will be a reminder of what not to do so your thread isn't locked, deleted, and you don't get a warning. These are guidelines, not rules, but it would help if they were followed closely. If you are planning to create a topic, the following should help you decide whether your topic belongs here and will lead to discussion. This is not a rules list, rather it is to help you decide if you should create a topic or not. On that note, the forum rules still apply and disregard of this sticky may cause you to earn warnings for breaking either rule 2 or 6.

1. [Follow the Forum Rules] - Simple enough, but when in doubt read the rules if you're not sure.

2. [Avoid topics about you] - Generally topics requesting opinions of yourself, and how you're treated/your experience in the community lead to no discussions at best and arguments at worst.

3. [Avoid addresses to the community] - Topics that are made to announce a message, whether it be: an apology, coming/going, permanent leaving, complaints, or useless information do not belong in the sandbox or any other forum.

4. [Avoid video/image/reaction topics] - No discussion comes about when sharing videos or images in each post, and topics dedicated to that do not belong. Videos and images should aid the discussion not be the center of it. Topics that revolve around the reactions to external content like videos, images, comments, or anything of the sort do not belong.

5. [Do not make forum games] - They do not fall under the banner of discussion, and are not welcome in the Sandbox as they are - not always, but commonly - spammy.

6. [Check if a topic already exists] - Use the search tool or Google to check if there is a thread already for a topic you want to create.

Most topics that get locked usually go against these guidelines so this should help out. Although these aren't rules, reports are still welcome if someone isn't following these guidelines.
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