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Postby Eclipsed » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:34 pm

This thread is dedicated to reposting threads on reddit that are really interesting, cool or pretty nifty.

However, here are some guidelines:

1. Posts have to abide by the forum rules
2. No, provocative, offensive, or slightly offensive jokes.
3. Don't repost a post that another person already reposted.
4. Spoilers for TV shows have to go into a spoiler tag

Added in 2 minutes 50 seconds:
The world's fastest land animal in all its glory ... its_glory/

Added in 15 seconds:
30 Years of Data Reveals the Ever-changing Course of the Padma River [OC] ... ng_course/

Added in 1 minute 58 seconds:
A little Switch Stardew Valley fanart (OC) by Throwy_away_1

Added in 2 minutes 18 seconds:
Hiked about 6 hours up some super steep mountain to get to this lake at 3600m. As a Dutchman altitude sickness got to me, but it was worth it! Ala-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan (OC)[1920x1280] by cryptodesign

Added in 3 minutes 20 seconds:
Meow irl by unreadable_captcha

Added in 44 seconds:
So true! by reremass

Added in 51 seconds:
cool door ... cool_door/

Added in 3 minutes 44 seconds:
Woof_IRL by Man_With_A_Shoe

Added in 10 minutes 39 seconds:
Europe map in LOTR style by tatazz

Added in 1 minute 13 seconds:
TIL In 1994, in an attempt to ban raves, the UK passed a law banning public performance of music “wholly or predominantly characterized by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.” In response, the electronic band Autechre issued a track, Flutter, in which no two bars have the same beat by exackerly

Added in 1 minute 50 seconds:
Breath of the Wild x Mario Kart ... ario_kart/

Added in 1 minute 27 seconds:
A wooden hearthstone card I made ... rd_i_made/

Added in 41 minutes 12 seconds:
PsBattle: this baby cat by Espada7125


Added in 1 minute 43 seconds:
Roses are red, can you lend a hand? I just need to know by foamofthedaze

Added in 50 seconds:
They left her abandoned at sea by MattCloudy

Added in 2 minutes 4 seconds:
Shallow pond around a living space receiving natural light from a skylight in a modern open plan residence in Jakarta, Indonesia [2000×1167] by ManiaForBeatles

Added in 24 seconds:
Wheelchair dogs at animal rescue enjoying playtime. ... _playtime/
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Re: Repost

Postby PixelPest » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:53 pm

This thread isn't intended to really generate discussion. Locked

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