FOSS games + mod monetization

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FOSS games + mod monetization

Postby Aero » Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:20 am

Would FOSS games that monetized community mod add-ons to the main game make sense? Steam poorly implemented a "paid mods" system for mods of proprietary games, and it just didn't work out and users thought is was too much. People are also upset about other issues in games such as DLC, Lootboxes, DRM lockdown, and pricing. If games were to become FOSS then the companies would not be able to control players and bleed them dry with content payment schemes, and development would be in line with the consumers wants and expectations. Games wouldn't necessarily have to be gratis, but can have more flexible payment models such as crowdfunding, donations, pay-what-you-want, and paid access to create mods with the game's engine (and assets). This would require big changes, and the changes are really incompatible with the business models of the worse offenders of day-1 paid DLC and lootbox gambling. On the other hand the change wouldn't be so significant that it's unrealistic. SteamOS is Linux based which is a step in bridging the gap between FOSS Linux platforms and support for video games. It's not unfeasible that a complete FOSS operating system and library can be put together following Valve's lead in the Linux area. There's also a growing amount of FOSS games that prove the concept, however it remains to be seen how well the principle of FOSS would work with software often considered to be art and not used as just a traditional input/output system. FOSS projects are supported by donations, and paid support and it works out without the need to implement malicious features like ads to stay afloat. Would paid mods and community content monetization be the right formula for uprooting the problems of the game industry?

EC video on paid mods:
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NOTE: FOSS very rarely has a problem with malicious programming by design, and is not compatible with EULAs so this and some other questions presented toward the end are kind of moot.

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Re: FOSS games + mod monetization

Postby Nicolangu » Thu Apr 29, 2021 8:25 pm

Great analysis and explanation. Proves more and more why I find it hard to monetize my game application for Android. It's a pity to create something that you worked for months in a row without sleep and then have no profit at all out of it. I recently realized that the best way to monetize your app is pangle as they went above and beyond to explain to me the ways of getting traffic on my app on both Android and Ios platforms. You can give it a try if you still have a game you would like to see making money!

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