What I Wish to See in Super Mario Maker 3 If it Were to Happen

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What I Wish to See in Super Mario Maker 3 If it Were to Happen

Postby Bulletbill510 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 11:11 am

It's unknown if we will get a Super Mario Maker 3 in the future or not, but this is what I wish to see in it if it were to happen. What are some things you wish to see in Super Mario Maker 3 if it were to happen? Here is mine of what I wish to see (The list is subject to change).

Elements From 3D World in the 4 Main Styles: I get the fact some elements are unique to 3D world's style to make it interesting, but I still some elements could've made it into the 4 mains styles.
Spoiler: show
Clear Pipes
Dash Block
Fire Bro & Heavy Fire Bro - Fire bros were seen in SMB3 and NSMBU and yet they didn't think of adding them?
Mushroom Trampoline
Piranha Creeper
Porcupuffer - I find it weird this is not featured in the 4 main styles because this enemy did happen to appear in SMW and NSMBU.
Skipsqueaks (and the spiny ones too)
Spike Block
Track Block
New Elements:
Spoiler: show
Banzai Bill Blaster - In Super Mario Maker 2, the banzai bill doesn't fire out of a blaster which I find odd, although in some Mario levels from previous games there were times when a banzai bill comes from the side of a screen. So I think it would be fair to have the option to have a banzai bill come out of one or not.

Punching Glove - This is something made up. I kind of imagine having a boxing glove contraption where there is a boxing glove attached to a box, and when the player is near it they get sent flying. The glove could be set in 8 different directions, and it can destroy enemies.

Quicksand - How was this not added when they added in the desert theme?

Rolling Ground (From NSMB Wii 1-1) - The first Super Mario Maker had block ground, then the second one had slopes introduced, so I think the third one should have rolling terrain introduced. Think of the possibilities.

Rotating Cubes (From NSMB Wii 1-5) - The rotating cubes in NSMB Wii were known as mushroom blocks which rotated on an axis and were able to be put on tracks, here if they were in Super Mario Maker 3, they don't have to be just square, they could be rectangular too.

Switchback Platforms (From NSMB Wii) Later in NSMBU, the switchback platforms are were able to travel left & right, up, and down too. In NSMB Wii in 9-4, they would sink if 2 entities were on a platform. A lot of things could be made with these platforms such as elevator levels.
Spoiler: show
Cannons - I find it so weird that enemies can be blasted out of bill blasters, but not cannons? The thing is bill blasters blast stuff out horizontally, while cannons blast cannonballs in 8 directions, what's up with that? So I think in the future I'd like to be able to blast stuff out of cannons in 8 directions.

Desert Music & Forest Music in SMB3 style: Both of those themes use the regular overworld theme for some odd reason.

Firebars: I'd like to be able to have 2 or more fire bars on a firebar block.

Snake Blocks - Snake blocks only move if you stand on them, though I would like to be able to have looping snake blocks like the ones from NSMB2, as well as having more than five snake blocks maximum.
New Sound Effects:
Spoiler: show
Heatwave - The screen would turn red and the screen would appear a bit wavy, and there would be a tint of red.
Thunderstorm - Gray rain clouds roll in and start raining, then lightning flashes as a boom is heard.

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Re: What I Wish to See in Super Mario Maker 3 If it Were to Happen

Postby AToMIC » Mon Nov 14, 2022 7:30 pm

I'd like them to disband style locking. Like any asset can be used regardless of style.

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Re: What I Wish to See in Super Mario Maker 3 If it Were to Happen

Postby krakin » Tue Nov 15, 2022 2:07 pm

I'd like to see more level styles to choose from other than just SMB, SMB3, SMW, NSMBU, and SM3DW. Like, maybe they could add SM64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario Odyssey as 2.5D level styles just like SM3DW is. Something I think would be really cool too is if they added a Paper Mario style option. Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Land, and Yoshi's Island styles would be nice too, but I think at that point people might get overwhelmed by the many different choices they'd have. Maybe they could combine elements of similar games? Like say they have New Super Mario Bros. as a style, so they include elements of New Super Mario Bros. DS, Wii, 2, and U/Deluxe under the same option.

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Re: What I Wish to See in Super Mario Maker 3 If it Were to Happen

Postby kirbyhasn » Thu Nov 24, 2022 5:40 am

to be honest it will be like super mario maker 1&2
5 weeks and its dead or may not

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