The Invasion

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Re: The Invasion

Postby Bomber57 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:58 pm

Clastic simply listened to the discussion with mild interest. He didn't really care about this weird "who should like who" thing, especially when there was a group of baddies who stole a princess. Overhearing Lee's warning, Clastic laughed. "Certainly they should be no problem, wherever they are OR whatever they try to pull." He took a brief moment to think about the recent battle against frog-face and his henchmen. "Though, I think we need to train. Things got a little messy back there, and that isn't gonna work for a REAL fight." He saw this team already had some issues, but he hoped they could all work together to iron things out.

Clastic then walked over to Luigi, and gave him a comforting (but probably too forceful) pat on the back. "It's going to be alright, but crying is NOT going to save her. C'mon, pull yourself together and lets focus on beating the tar out of them!" Clastic emphasized the last few words by pounding his right fist into his other hand. He was confident that whoever is behind the attack on Toad Town will get their just deserts.
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Re: The Invasion

Postby Ecruteak » Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:58 pm

After the Koopatrol had finished talking to Bill, he felt extremely guilty. So he summoned up the courage to go over to the group and comfort Luigi, and generally be more helpful in the future.

"It'll be OK. We'll find Daisy and destroy her kidnapper!" he said. He had not tried to comfort anyone before, so he felt strange, but he kept at it.
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Re: The Invasion

Postby Muyoko » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:35 am

As soon as Bowser was mentioned, just when Muyoko was ready to listen to the plan, when she overheard that presumption, Muyoko was about to shut down. Her yellow colored pencil cracked in her hand, as she began to shake.


Muyoko also felt like Clastic was forcing Luigi out of something. It was obvious Bowser was stressing her enough as it is, but how he addressed him was making her snap.

"That is no way to talk to Luigi!" she hissed, "I mean... He needs more time to cope with what happened. Leave the planning to Mario... And her majesty as well!"

This wasn't like Muyoko to lose her temper, but trying to work with the condition of helping Daisy of all people was getting her irritated as it was. Anymore of Clastic trying to rush Luigi out of this situation would make her into mincemeat if she spoke up about how he was treating him right now, but she didn't care. She had to face Bowser eventually and if she was to pull off that Band-Aid, she was going to do it showing she wasn't scared of the others.

"Yes. We need training. We also need to follow a strategy. Rehearsing the maneuvers to take them both down is a task I can take. If I can save the likes of Ms. Daisy, then I can at least prove my worth among you heroes. But know that Bowser will be the biggest threat of all. Any missteps can end us, Clastic. We have to be careful! And you Clastic prove not to be."

Muyoko needed to take a deep breath. Though it sounded interesting; She already called these guys 'Heroes'. Not odd when you think about it, considering everyone saved the Toad Village from terrorists. Though, her getting angry made her snap back to Luigi.

"Luigi... Forgive me for earlier. It was very selfish of me to not give you my condolences to Ms. Daisy. But... I want to do you proud too. Because you're one of my biggest heroes of all."

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Re: The Invasion

Postby Soliarm » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:30 pm

((Terribly sorry for the lack of replies on my part! Sort of got swept away with the story and didn't know how to participate, but I'll do my best to keep up now!))

Thinking himself safe on the back lines of the battle and focusing his efforts on fire control, Pleonexus was caught completely defenseless against the chaotic firestorm that erupted from Triclyde. He barely had time to react before the fireballs were upon him, exploding violently around him due to the haphazard lack of aim. One of the fireballs, however, caught him square in the chest while his attention was diverted. The Dry Bones was sent hurtling into the house behind him, crashing through the weakened walls of the damaged building. Sloppy... he thought to himself as unconsciousness gripped him, trapped in the rubble of the collapsed Toad hut.

By the time he came to, the battle had already ended. He looked around to the best of his ability; currently Pleo's head appeared to have rolled off of his body. He willed his torso to move from his severed position, watching his body shove a piece of rubble off of itself and wobbily rise, wandering over to gather up his skull. Pleo jammed his head back on top of his spinal column, twisting it a few times to make sure that it was well situated and making to find his way out of the destroyed building. The rest of the crew the Bros. had gathered were standing in a messy group nearby. Judging by the lack of fire and enemies they had won, but no one looked like they were celebrating. In fact, Muyoko was yelling angrily at the towering wrestler Clastic. Pleo wasn't entirely sure what was going on, having missed the latter half of the fight against Wart and his minions, but the outburst was surprising from the normally friendly girl. No one appeared to be dead (or deader, in his case) and they had won, so what was with the sombre atmosphere? Approaching the group from the ruined house, Pleo did manage to glimpse Luigi on his knees, trembling from within the crowd. Ah thought the Dry Bones, here's where things have gone wrong.

Still unsure of the exact situation, if something had happened Pleo wasn't familiar enough with any of these people to offer condolences or aid in grieving. Making himself comfortable within earshot, he set about the task of repairing the cracks in his bones from his incident with that house wall.

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Re: The Invasion

Postby Shadow Yoshi » Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:47 pm

(Hey, this died and it was my fault. Sorry about that. If any of the current players want to take it over, feel free to drop me a line.)

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