Tips For Character Creation

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Tips For Character Creation

Postby Mosaic » Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:41 pm

Hello! This is a Place to discuss character creation and tips! Here's are some tips for creating characters:

1. Make sure you character's personality is at least a paragraph long and make sure they have
at least 5 personality traits, thats a very good idea.

2. Don't make your character too OP(Overpowered) Don't do something like:
They are able run 200 miles an hour, they almost never miss their target, They
are immune to Freezing, Burning, Poison, Acid Etc. The Reason For this is because it would make
your stories boring so be careful about this.

3. If you make up more than one character, make sure they have relations with the others.
You don't have to make a combo of what they think of each other for every character combination.

4. Don't Create Too many characters Don't make characters that don't have any purpose to the story.
And basically just stands there doing nothing with no importance to the story.

5. Make sure your character's personalities vary. Not every character needs a completely different personality but make sure
some of their personalities are different.

6. Don't add characters to stories randomly. By this i mean don't add random characters that never brought up unless the characters you already have don't
know them.

These are some tips for creating characters. You can add on to this if you want.

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