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Re: RP Ideas/Approval Thread

Postby HVMetal » Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:23 pm

NintendoOtaku93 wrote:All i can think of for a good RP is an JRPG style story where some members of the SMBX community (Not counting me, I'm not going to do self-insert for my first role-play, plus, I rather narrate the scenes instead! :| ) formed the legendary "Forums Champions", and travel across the many countries of the great SMBX Forums. The RP takes place in the Forums in an fantasy-like world, typical RPG crap you'll expect from someone who plays a few good RPGs... And also, Joey is the king of 1 of the many kingdoms in this RP!

RP name: SMBX Forums Fantasy!

This seems to be a good idea. But what I tought of is to add some background music too. So for example if the Champions are in an ice empire, lava empire ( or whatever you imagine ), there should be a background music too. It would be interresting to read an esay a story while listening to a music which may help to create the atmosphere. Of course the music has to do something with the actions, so if someone is chasing me in the desert I wont use SM64 Desert soundtrack.

Its just an idea

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