Character Creation/Approval Thread

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Oareuxj » Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:52 pm

Name: Clark Oregon
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Species: Koopa
Appearance: Red shell, (SMW Version), Usually wears a Fedora and suit, sounds and looks like James Spader (and slightly based off of his appearance in The Blacklist)
Personality: Kind to those he respects or does not know, aggressive and or non-tolerant to others who are rude but shows it in a calm way. Doesn’t usually yell. He is not merciful at all, but shows remorse for those who die. His personal choice in a gun is the glock 17. His secondary weapon is a colt m1911. His third and own gun is similar to a p91. He likes fedoras and hats in general. And he enjoys soccer.
Background: Clark Oregon. He has lived most of his life in the Mushroom Kingdom, after his parents illegally immigrated there from Bowser’s Kingdom. When he was 14, his parents were brutally shot and killed during a drive by shooting involving the gang known as “ Bill “. He inherited the house and lived alone for a long, long time, knowing well the Kingdom wouldn’t be so kind to a Koopa in Child Services. Every night, he would fall asleep to the sound of war outside his bedroom. At that time, most of the police and guards were out fighting, leaving a small group of Neighborhood watch and whatever was left of the state police. So gang tensions became higher, trying to claim new territory with no one stopping them but the unarmed citizens. Clark knew, his life wouldn’t be long with this. Either Bowser’s kingdom would take over and execute him as a traitor, or the gangs would take over and execute him because of his species. Either way, he wasn’t safe. Clark wanted more than anything to have means of defense, fighting wasn’t an option, and neither was finding power ups thanks to the war. There was one thing though, an old fairy tail but still may be true despite all the negative theories against it. Mario’s birthplace. When he first came to the Mushroom Kingdom, he told of a world where they had democracies, and people who lived there could vote for who they wanted as a leader. Where they had weapons of such power, Bowser would tremble at their might. He told these weapons were very similar to Bullet Bills, but never gave their true design or secrets. After years of hunting, research, and even design, he obtained three of these weapons and designed/built his own. He obtained two small shipment containers (about two feet in diameter) with ammunition, and stored them and the weapons away safely. Keeping his own designed weapon by his side at all times. He may not be an expert shot, but he knows how to use it. Clark Oregon then started up his own sort of “Gang” except this wasn’t any ordinary gang. It was a business. It grew and grew for a long time, until it became a really powerful organization. Yet with this power, they did nothing that attracted any attention at all. Their business was quick, silent, and above all, dangerous. Information on what they do is unknown. Current whereabouts of Clark are bouncing from rumor to rumor. And no one knows what he’s been up to lately.
(Just to know: His business doesn’t involve guns or using guns at all unless you’re dealing with Clark himself.)
I don't want to be Overpowered using a gun, so my char will RARELY use it. For Self Defense but never to attack anyone. I really hate sounding Overpowered, but I didn't want to snip out anything from my fiction so it matched up. (I have not posted my fiction because the story is private ATM)
I could refrain from using the gun in any role play if you wish.
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Taker » Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:52 pm

Name: ACE2894
Gender: Gender Neutral
Age: New Model - 5 Years old
Species: Robot
Appearance: ACE Shapeshifts a lot. But his main form, version 1.0 is a tall black koopa with a black shell. All of the outlines on the koopa turn light blue. The eyes are cyan.
Personality: Vengeful. ACE seeks Mario, so he destroys anything on his way to accomplish his objectives.
Background: ACE2894 is a robot. He can transform into any other species of the Mushroom Kingdom by getting their blood in a special needle, which he deposits inside a CD that shapeshifts him into the creature. He mainly uses a snake like form(those froom SMB2 which name I can't remember), and his abilities depend on his forms. He also can use power ups with almost any form, but some already have a built in power up, like the CD-001 Venus Firetrap, which comes with a fire flower. Some forms come with a built in power up, but it can be changed. The Sniffit form is blue, it's built in power up is the Mushroom. If you get a fire flower, you turn into a Red Sniffit, which is faster in general. But a Hammer Suit makes it a Black Sniffit, which shoots 2 bullets, and is quicker than a red one. He was created on castle 8#, by Ludwig Von Koopa, after the events of Super Mario World. ACE has been trained and he can also use Modifications, which can be weapons like a Bullet Bill blaster, or Body Add-Ons like a Tanooki Tail(Different from the Tannoki Leaf. It allows you to fly forever like a P-Wing but it gets slower and consumes energy over time.)

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Project Mario » Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:58 pm

Name: Ryukon
Gender: Female
Age: Normal
Species: Goombule
Appearance: A blue-ish black Goombule that has a red belt with potions, maps, and important stuff. She also has suitcases, but she usually wears her mini-coat over her belt.
Personality: Ryukon is a nice, and loyal Goombule. She would do anything to protect her master.
Background: Ryukon was born in a laboratory, abandoned once she was created. Her owners said that she couldn't stay in the lab, as she was a dangerous prototype. She would sneak out, as she would look for a home. (Depending on what RP, she would live with Mario or someone.) After finding the perfect home, she'd settle in. She tends to act as a statue most of the time, but the day they notice her is the day she either is accepted in, or kicked out. She also tends to sneak back into the lab sometimes to take some naps here and there to get the special type of 'oxygen' she needs. This oxygen she needs is called 'Hydren.'
*Turning into a puddle to avoid some attacks, but not all. She has a time limit on how long she can be a puddle.
*Can fly a tiny bit.

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Oareuxj » Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:01 pm

Thread hasn't been replied to for the past two weeks, not to mention the entire RP section has not been updated since August or something.

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby BeastieGamez325 » Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:22 am

Name: Beastie

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Species: Toad

Appearance: Pretty much looks like a Toad, but his hate is grey and green, and he wears on a green jacket with grey shoes. He wears on a special inventory bag that stores all of his inventions inside. Unlike other Toads, this one has black, hair and grey eyes

Personality: Don't even get me started on this Toad. Is the most conceited, careless, and laziest Toad you'll ever meet. There are only certain times when he wants to help. Most of them have to do with his loved ones, and the others have to do with his inventions.

Background: Having been born on Palm Tree island, Beastie pretty much raised himself in the dreaded nature of the island. Everyday of the week, he'd come buy and stay with the Mario Bros., mainly to have them test out some new inventions he's created. (In any RP, just have him living with Mario) Beastie has been visiting the Mushroom Kingdom for ages. He has never seen Bowser before, but he knows what the huge Koopa is capable of doing, that's why Beastie today is creating new power ups that'll allow Mario to have much fun with defeating Bowser's force in style. But aside from that, Beastie is pretty much a super smart, self made child. Whenever he feels like it, he'll be more than happy to save the world with his inventions!

Skills: 1. He actually has a button that can turn him into a statue for 3.5 seconds.
2. He's skilled at dodging obstacles and using his inventions to his advantage. However, he messes up whenever he goes way too fast.
3. He throws ice bombs when he grabs an ice flower. The ice bomb pretty much sets a bunch of enemies on ice if they get touched by the BOMB.
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Jackoy123 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:16 pm

Name: Koopy

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Species: Koopa

Personality: Shy and Mysterious

Appearance: Blue Shell and Cap

Background: He was born in Koopa Village, Followed by his mom death in the birth, As a kid, He got very bullied because of his cap, He didn't knew why. neither me, Unlike other koopas he was a good one! A Pure one! When he was 12 His dad died, In the same day he ran away his home, A Few of days later Koopa Village was burned, 5 People Survived Counting Koopy, Koopy ran to Mushroom Kingdom and met Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad. Days Later, Bowser knew about the invasion at Koopa Village, Bowser invited Koopy and the others to Join him, 3 of them Denied, 2 of them accepted, Koopy Denied. Now Koopy Living with Mario, Luigi, Peach and toad Happy forever...

Something i got in head: Background: He was born in Koopa Village, Followed by his mom death in the birth, As a kid, He got very bullied because of his cap, He didn't knew why. neither me, Unlike other koopas he was a good one! A Pure one! When he was 12 His dad died, In the same day he ran away his home, A Few of days later Koopa Village was burned, 5 People Survived Counting Koopy, Koopy ran to Mushroom Kingdom and met Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad. Days Later, Bowser knew about the invasion at Koopa Village, Bowser invited Koopy and the others to Join him, 3 of them Denied, 2 of them accepted, Koopy Denied, Mario and friends got in bed, When Awake, Peach was gone. Mario, Luigi, Toad and Koopy, Ran to save her, Bowser Finale was that day Mario and friends Killed him for all.
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby HVMetal » Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:57 pm

Note: I know I may get now a warning for bumping old topics, but eh... why not...

Name: Venus Lava Trap
Gender: Male
Age: 563
Species: Piranha Plants
Personality: He is very loyal but when he gets in danger he becomes ruthless to its opponent leaving nothing behind. He likes to eat his smaller opponents but he shoots fireballs and sometimes floods his opponent with lava ( This is where his name come from, Venus Lava Trap ). Altough he is a very kind personality and he likes to be around other Fire Traps.
Appearance: He can be recognized by his size, he is huge. Also unlike other piranhas he has pink leafs.
Favorite foods: His most favorite food is the Goomba, but he likes Fishes too. He dislikes Koopas because their hard shell.

Background: Like most of the piranha plants, he was born in a pipe located in the Pipe-Lands. Unlike other piranha plants he was born with pink leafs. Other plants always laughed at him because this. One day, when he got sick of other plants, he decided to explore new lands. Through the underground pipelines he could explore the whole island, until...
In the Yoshi's Forest he met a strange creature, the Naval Piranha. They couldn't understand each other and they have started to fight. The Naval Piranha was stronger and he almost killed the Lava Trap but he escaped. From that day every time when he met Naval, they fought each other without any winner.
He was 265 years old when he went home again. Other piranhas were happy to see him again... and they were surprised when they saw how big he is.
Five days later a colossal earthquake almost destroyed the whole land leaving nothing behind except fallen pipes and dead "citizens". Lava started errupting from the ground destroying everything in its path. Some goombas, koopas and plants could escape but Venus Lava Trap couldnt and he fell in a pond of lava when his pipe collapsed. He tought its the end but somehow he survived.
Few days later Bowser went to the Pipe-Lands to see if anybody survived. He didnt saw anyone and he wanted to leave when the piranha came out of the lava and stared at him thinking he will be a delicious snack. He almost ate him when something went trough his mind. When he was in the desert he heard that there is a new king, a giant turtle with a spiky shell and giant fists. Then he recognized him.
He said sorry to Bowser for trying to eat him. Bowser was very mad but he forgave him. Seeing that he was alone Bowser offered Lava Trap to go with him to his castle. Lava Trap knew if he declined this offer he would die from hunger so he accepted it.
When Lava Trap hit his 562th age he met a strange plumber, Mario. Seeing that he wanted to kill him he grabbed Mario and swallowed him in one piece.
A few hours later Bowser came out of his castle to ask from Lava Trap what happened there.
As an answer, he burped out Mario's cap and Bowser realised what happened. He was probably the happiest king and Lava Trap was proud when Bowser told him who was that plumber. From that day he was the member of Bowsers Royal Guardians, but he was allowed to go to the forest to fight time to time with Naval.

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby FireyPaperMario » Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:02 am

I have created an better character, and this time, it's related to the Marioverse somehow (this character is part of the "Super Smash Bros. Universe" so it could count.)
Name: Polygon Fighter X
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Species: Fighting Polygon Team Member (From "Super Smash Bros. 64")
Appearance: Looks exactly like all 11 different fighting polygon team members models, purple coated gem-like skins, body and weapon shaped off of multiple polygons, structured off the Captain Falcon, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Ness polygon fighter models
Personality: Deadly, very much an "Attack first, ask questions later" type of character
Background Story: A powerful polygon fighter created by Master Hand to aid the Polygon fighter army to destroy the 12 heroes (Luigi, Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Capt. Falcon, Ness, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, & Jigglypuff). The Polygon Fighter X was highly skilled in long range, to melee combat, that not even the military can destroy this fiend. But the fiendish Polygon Fighter never awaken from its rest right when the Polygon wars just ended, until a few years later... (To be continued)
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Wind » Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:45 am

Name: Birdo in Black (Greg)
Gender: depends on who's asking
Age: unknown
Species: Birdo
Appearance: imagine a birdo and an epic cop/rambo/anime hot guy crossover
Personality: badass af
Background: Graduated from the Meme Police Academy, Greg fights to keep the nastiest memes and lowest quality video game rips off the streets.
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Zeldamaster12 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:55 am

i dig it

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Mike Koopa » Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:42 pm

Name: Mike Koopa
Gender: Male
Age: young adult
Species: Koopa (Boom-Boom, Koopaling)
He looks similar to Larry Koopa, but with a few differences. Mike has blue eyes. His hair looks like a blue version of Bowser's, just a bit longer. His head and shell are blue, too. Mike has horns and wears black glasses. Instead of a wand, he prefers to use various weapons like chains, hammers, swords, and his fire breath (which is blue because it's based on some kind of gas). He can charge the latter to create a destructive explosion. Like most other citizens if the Mushroom Kingdom, he is able to use power-ups.
Mike is loyal to the Koopa King Bowser. However, he would team up with other people to achieve his goals. Mike is rather calm and plans his attacks carefully, but he does get quite hot-headed in the midst of battle. Instead of castles, he likes to reside in airships As stated before, he is loyal to Bowser, but he'll still take any chance to conqeur a kingdom(like Sarasaland) and rule it. And he certainly has what he needs to achieve this: His own army of elite Koopas.
He was born and raised in the Koopa Kingdom, more specifically, in a little Koopa village. His parent's names are unknown to most. When Bowser started to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, Mike left to become one of his King's soldiers. He barely survived his first encounter with the Kingdom's forces and the Mario Bros, and so he swore revenge. After his embarrissing defeat, he left the army and went back to the Koopa Kingdom and started to build airships. When he had finally completed his armada, Mike recruited some of the Koopa Kingdom's strongest warriors. Some of his new soldiers were his former comerads, who had also developed a great hatred for the Mario Bros. Bowser realized, that it would serve him well, to convince this alliance from rejoining his forces.

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby SuperLuigiBrother » Wed May 18, 2016 9:19 pm

Name: Sullither
Nickname: Sully
Gender: Male

Age: Adult
Species: Cobrat
Species Name (By Genus): praecepitque pravum

Appearance: A black-red-purple colored snake that has 2 sharp fangs, and purple at the ends of the fangs, two big red eyes, a toungue that has sharp, pointy 3 pitchfork-like toungue, and a rattler at the end of its tail that has 3 bands, one that is red, one thats white, and one thats black, the bands are also fuzzy and bluntly sharp, that causes prey/victims to be uncouncious on contact.He wears a black top hat with purple decoration and a snake skull emblem, he also wears a gold dollar sign necklace with 2 bars on the dollar sign.

Personality: Sullither is very devious, loves playing tricks, blackmails, scams, and false information to local toads, goombas, and koopas. When Sullither gets mad, he would constrict or bite his victim for them to learn their lesson "Never Bite Back to a Cobrat." Despite just playing tricks, he loves to have fun with games, and activities, but some of these games can be fun to him, but dangerous to others. He mostly loves to provoke toads than goombas with his tricks.

Background: Sully was born in LavaLava Island's Jungle. Sully's Parents died from Wild Yoshis. When Sully came out from the egg to see the world for the first time, he thought to himself that hes going to enjoy his life. But what he predicted in his mind, was false. At his first trip to Toad Town, Sullither was often made fun of, teased, picked, bullied, and tricked by other toads, and sometimes, other toads think he is a monster. That memory cannot be erased and what Sullither thought many times was words of murder, by the time he grew up, he went back to toad town, and pulled his first trick ever on the toads that bullied him. His trick was to pull his tail, when one of them pulled it, he forced his tail up to the bully's face, the tail was so fuzzy and sharp, that the toad fell unconciously, causing the other bully toads to run away. After the one trick he did, he always thought about bloodshed in his mind many times from his trick he done. And he thought to himself, he said "Oh, my trickssssss n' sssssscamssss are not extreme enough!" So for his most despised people that he hated, he goes extremely brutal..

Occupation: Malicious Master Criminal/Trickster/Gang Leader/Villain
Behaviorial Occupation: Evil Villain (possibly in the RP)
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby SinHeartless » Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:11 pm

Name: Shi-Yin
Nickname: The Seer
Gender: Unknown
Age: Ancient.
Species: Shy Goomba (Shy Guy & Goomba hybrid.)
Appearance: A gray, ghostly body with the large mask engraved with black markings & scars. Bone armor protects the body. White cloak. White & grey spear and amulet,
both of which are made of bone & fragments of the Chaos Heart. 6 ghostly arms with dark aura.

Personality: Insane, cold & nihilistic. He often puts himself in danger in search for his own definition of fun. Uses his intelligence to be always a step ahead of his
adversaries. Not only does he relish his victories, he taunts & discourages his adversaries while enjoying his time. He can't resist toast, cute pets or ancient relics, though.

Background: The two souls of the adversaries once destined to be the puniest of Bowser's & Wart's forces, the malicious energy from the remains of the Shadow Queen caused the two
souls to merge together, creating a powerful but unstable entity. In his search for revenge against the King Koopa, he led a group of Goombas & Shy Guys across the desolate parts of the
Mushroom Kingdom, invading them. Soon after the conquest, a cult for "The Seer" was established & the cult started reconstructing the Dark Prognosticus in hopes of one day
ending the existence of everything so they could shape the universe into their liking. Soon after the Dark Prognosticus was reconstructed, Shi-Yin, now worshipped as the new chosen one,
learns about the Power & Crystal Stars. He gathers a group of elite Goomba & Shy Guy soldiers & orders them to gather the Stars together with him while the army launched another conquest in hopes of conquering Birabuto & Chai Kingdom and gaining access to the ancient temples & treasures.

"All thee puny beings who disgrace my existence, the time of purification courtesy of the Dark Prognosticus has begun! I can't wait! KWA HAHAHAHA HA HA... Oh sorry, I haven't introduced myself for thee, have I?"
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby PikaChris » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:47 pm

Name: Janias Irving
Nickname: Talos
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Human
Appearance: Is often seen wearing a cybernetic suit of dark grey with neon sea green lighting.
Personality: He is a fearless Solarmancer, a space warrior that has powers created with solar energy.
Background: Talos is a Solarmancer who was trained by the wise one on a mysterious planet that fell victim to a war that broke out between Solarmancers and Warlocks. He was found stranded in a desolate city where people were enslaved by an army that colonized his home planet, Durrbaile. At childhood, he was genetically modified by his mother with chromosomes and blood cells that prevented him from gaining sicknesses. By his adult years, Talos was taken away from his home planet by the military to begin experiments on how powerful Solarmancing could be. His powers somehow got corrupted, which resulted in him going on a rampage. He then escaped to a planet where he would meet the wise one. His powers by that point remained stable due to the training, concentration, and cautiousness Talos upheld.

Talos came across a woman named Katniss, who is part of the galactic military's science league, and had a connection with each other to the point where they were in a relationship. He also befriends a Lieutenant named Greiner Chirvan, who is often times seen taking on stealth and patrol missions. His enemies consist of General Kronos, the one who has the intent on capturing (and possibly killing) Talos. Another person that happens to be a skilled swordsman and knows of Talos's power, Vallor. The main enemy that he has to deal with the most is none other than the Corrupted, a race that was formed when a Solarmancer's powers became corrupt.
Powers/Weapons: Talos carries a Solarsabre, an essential weapon used by all Solarmancers; He has a grinder that allows him to climb walls and ceilings really fast; The power to dash in mid air, allowing him to smash through anything; Carries a bow & arrow that shoots lightning; Has access to a power that can wipe out everything: the dark hyper nova.

Disclaimer: My original character.
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Aero » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:57 pm

Name: Kyle Wart
Nickname: Warty
Gender: Male
Age: 65
Species: Wart
Appearance: 4' 11", 500lbs, green complexion.
Personality: fat
Background: background2-44.gif

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Image of Kyle:
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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby BTB » Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:19 am

Name: Grandpa Mario
Nickname: Poppy Mario
Gender: Male
Age: 87
Species: Human
Appearance: He looks very tired and fragile in his old age, and is usually seen wearing a sweater or his classic bomber jacket. He occasionally dons his old overalls from when he ran Mario Bros. Plumbing. He has trouble getting around, and is usually seen with his cane and in some cases a wheelchair. He has a special chair to go up and down the stairs.
Personality: Grandpa Mario is like a combination of his two beloved grandsons. He shares Mario's sense for adventure and men as well as Luigi's entrepreneurship and creativity. He is not crabby like most old men, and loves walking around Brooklyn meeting new people and having a good time.
Background: When Grandpa Mario was 22, he founded Mario Bros. Plumbing in his hometown of Brooklyn. He was a plumber for his whole life, and tried to get his grandsons to join the business as soon as they came of age. When the got fired from their job at the Wrecking Crew, they finally agreed to work for their grandpa. They all loved working together, and things were great for a couple of years. Eventually, as we all know, his grandsons disappeared into what we know as the Mushroom Kingdom. Grandpa Mario grew very sad for this time, and hired new workers at Mario Bros. Plumbing. While Mario and Luigi were busy saving the princess, Grandpa kept the business strong. Eventually the Bros. grew homesick, and decided to come back to Brooklyn. They told Grandpa Mario about their adventures, and Grandpa Mario decided to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom with them! Now he's ready to help Mario in Luigi in any way they need. You never know how useful your grandpa can be!

Picture of Grandpa Mario:

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Re: Character Creation/Approval Thread

Postby Egg » Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:56 am

Name: Koopa The Quick.
Nickname: The Quick
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Koopa
Appearance: He is taller than an average green shell koopa, wears red boots and has a large jaw. It's hard to take a picture of him because he is always running but I did my best.
Personality: He is very proud of his speed. A little egocentric.
Background: He hates Mario for humiliating him in races and tries his best to beat every track record at the mushroom kingdom. Despite looking friendly he is up for no good, he actually is a real meanie and is not just interested in getting revenge on Mario but destroy anything and anyone that is possibly faster than him.

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