Daisy replacing Link (Playable character)

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Daisy replacing Link (Playable character)

Postby Star » Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:51 am

This is gonna take a long time.
I need Daisy replacing Link.
She won't use a knife silly people.
Daisy is a sporting person. She can easily defend herself than the Peach in my Project.

She uses a frying pan to attack her enemies.
If thats not possible. You can make her punch enemies.
''The hand is mightier than the swo-'' I couldn't help myself okay?!

Her fire balls will be pink, (Red Costume)
Ice balls will be dark blue, (Blue Costume)
She will not use a Raccoon tail for Tanooki.
She will be wearing her gymnast clothes from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. To replace Raccoon. When she turns to a fairy. She turns into a ball as if shes doing a flip in the air.

I have stop updating my project. Don't cry though. It's being updated here!


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