Forested Flight (CC9 8th place)

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Forested Flight (CC9 8th place)

Postby TLtimelord » Sat Aug 15, 2015 3:06 am

Alright, so you probably remember this level way back from Community Contest 9. It has frozen music in it and cool stuff.

In seriousness, aside from the regretted music choice, I consider this my best level in contests so far, even if Subcon Shivaree still surpasses it in score. I prefer this level more because it's more innovative in gimmicks and grass/sky is my favorite level theme, so I thoroughly enjoyed making this level. I did NOT, however, enjoy playtesting it because the toggleable switch gimmicks was a nightmare to pull off correctly. Nevertheless, here you go.

Big screenshot (This is a real old screenshot so the PGE big screen a:
Spoiler: show
Spoiler: show
8. TNTtimelord - Forested Flight - 8.35/10
Bomber57 (9.75/10)

Frozen music 10/10 contest winner. That aside, this was a simply astounding level. The two tilesets mix together beautifully and the way the level is designed really gives the player the feeling of climbing around at a very high elevation. The level is pretty vast and has a lot of exploration, but sadly it's downfall is that there is no reward for exploring besides dragon coins. With the size of the level, I'm sure you could have put in a 2nd star for collecting things around the level. Ah well, this level was very well done.

Chad (7.5/10)
This is a pretty gorgeous level! I like the tileset mix and decoration, as well as the overall elaborate design and layout. There's a bunch of switches that do some cool things like turn into platforms or toggle clouds, there's some nicely hidden secrets, the bubble items are a nice touch, and the general gameplay is quite pleasant. However, what I think might have been an oversight on your part is that the initial cloud layer settings are the opposite of what you may have intended, because layers 2 and 4 are active at the start while 1 and 3 are not. This often made the switches feel unnecessary, appear not to do anything, complicate the route, create blind jumps/dead ends, and just create a general feeling of wandering because the general path no longer made sense. Upon post-gameplay inspection, checking the starting layers and imagining them reversed really put all the pieces together. After the checkpoint, it seems to work fine, but before that was needlessly confusing. Also, the Hammer Bro/Hoopster combination in upper Section 2 is nearly unavoidable, and for some reason the level has a lag spike right at the very end when it otherwise plays really smooth. The level's quite good, but has a little bit of weirdness here and there.

Quill (7.5/10)
Nice level. I liked the gimmick with the switches turning into platforms, but they were often difficult to land on with Mario. I liked the alternate paths, but most of the time they would lead to a powerup which wasn't worth it since it took so long to get to it. It's easy to mistake an alternate path for the normal route too. Some of the other switches which activated some more platforms were kinda pointless as they showed a layer which was next to the switch anyway. Why not just have the platforms available from the start? Hitting a switch to reveal them adds nothing. The music is incredibly unfitting and ruins the atmosphere completely. That song does not fit at all. Change it.

Valtteri (8/10)
Excellent music choice. Frozen/10. I love the way this level is constructed. It plays well and it looks nice. My only complaint would be that it's a bit repetitive. Sometimes I got the feeling I had been to the place before. But it wasn't half too bad!

zlakerboy357 (9/10)
Great level! The music and the GFXs was all a great choice and I loved it! The design was really fun as well and it was non-linear as well. There were some gaps that was too big for the player in my opinion. The level also had some cool gameplay elements like the blocks that turns into platforms when you hit them. Overall great job!
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Re: Forested Flight (CC9 8th place)

Postby Erik » Sat Aug 15, 2015 3:12 am

I think this is indeed your best work ever made, Subcon Shivaree is great, but I think this one is better, honestly. I personally would've given it a 9.2 or something

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Re: Forested Flight (CC9 8th place)

Postby Lel_06 » Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:53 pm

I really like this level. Fantastic graphism, a very good music and a just difficulty. :D

Hi !

I like Mario Games ! After play to this game, never buy Super Mario Maker. This game is better !


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Re: Forested Flight (CC9 8th place)

Postby Witchking666 » Sat Aug 22, 2015 2:21 am

Such a shame that the other judges (unlike you) dont give a 10-10 on every amazing level

And as ludwig allready said
This is your best level ever
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