[MaGLX2 4th] Behold, There Is a White Bounce! (New link)

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Re: [MaGLX2 4th] Behold, There Is a White Bounce!

Postby WerewolfGD » Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:07 am

MECHDRAGON777 wrote: As you can see, When I downloaded the file from Mediafire, chrome flaged it as malicious. I clicked "Learn more" and the screen shows you what the reasons why are! It only lately started doing this.
i see that your computer don't support .rar file.
i have a solution for you:
You need to install WinRAR (but you need to buy it to get the full version) to open .rar file, so chrome won't flaged it as malicious. I was tried to do this trick in my computer, and it's working!

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