Jammin' through the Jungle (CC10 Entry) - 14th Place

For the levels that stand out among the rest.
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Jammin' through the Jungle (CC10 Entry) - 14th Place

Postby zlaker » Sat Jan 03, 2015 2:40 pm

Well since everyone is posting their marvelous levels I guess I'll post my shitty-ass contest level ;D

Spoiler: show
The level is a jungle level as you can see. I decided to go with one gimmick this time (a silhouette gimmick) and I was still able to fuck things up lol. There's nothing much I can really say about this level other than the judges felt that the background was too dark. I can't really say this is one of my best levels to be really honest, but I'm defintley planning for something cool for the next contest ;)

Spoiler: show
14. zlakergirl357 - Jammin' through the Jungle (7.66/10)
  • Chad (6.8/10)
    • It's been a while since I've seen a silhouette level, and this one certainly sells in the looks department (the water especially looks excellent) and presents a lot of cleverly puzzling and elaborate design and gimmicks to the player. Creative use is made of obscuring scenery to hide secrets, switches and items that transform certain aspects of the level, and generally a ton of great exploration. Unfortunately, the difficulty in this isn't as good. A darker background was chosen to work alongside the silhouette graphics, which makes things especially difficult because the dark objects don't stand out as much. They already blend in well enough with each other, as is the point of the gimmick, but the darker background to worsen this makes it borderline unreasonable. On top of that, frequent use is made of projectile enemies such as fire plants, lotuses, and Snifits, which are extremely difficult to anticipate. Bloopers and Jelectros are overkill as well, especially since the Jelectros can very easily look like platforms in the darkness. Overall, brilliant design and gameplay with very enjoyable and creative exploration and challenges, but conveying the visual gimmick needs some work and don't have so many difficult/projectile enemies. You need to remember that the darkness is its own added layer of difficulty, and it should be accomodated accordingly. It's still doable, but a lot harder than it has to be.
    Joey (9.0/10)
    • I wasn't able to finish this level because one warp may or may not have been formatted wrong, leading me to never uncover the entrance to the area with the star. It could've been my mistake, though. Anyway, this level was pretty awesome. I have never been a fan of silhouette-styled graphics until this level proved that it can be done right. Seriously, the silhouettes' blend with the background was really nice. The only thing I can think of is that you could try just making all of the graphics really dim instead of completely dark, but that might not even look any better. Nice job with this level.
    Quill (8.5/10)
    • Oh man, this is such a cool level. It sucks that it's pretty much uncompletable. The atmosphere is perfect, it feels mysterious, relaxing and fun too. The directions were very much appreciated, as well as the glowing on the player. That could have been used for blocks too, maybe. Other than that, it's pretty easy to figure out what's what, which I was surprised to see. There must have been a lot of effort put into this level, I couldn't see myself doing it (unless you did all the graphics last, of course).
    Layla (6.0/10)
    • I did not have the patience to look for dragon coins in a silhouette level where I can hardly see shit because the background is dark. This level is great and the atmosphere is fine, but you made a shit decision by making the entire level silhouetted PLUS that incredibly dark background so I can't see where I'm going, when I run into an enemy, or especially the dragon coins (for a while I thought they were necessary to retrieve the star ;-;). Also fuck floating water I will say that the level design aside from everything else is pretty nice. Coins and power-ups were plenty, and the enemies had fine placement. The biggest issue is the dark background, because I have a very big issue seeing a lot of vital things because of it.
    Valtteri (8.0/10)
    • Those are SMB2 vines and I can't climb them. No, it's not okay even if they're just silhouettes. This is a great level! You pulled the silhouette thing pretty well. I like the way the trees look. However, there's one tiny problem though that lasts throughout the level. I can't see stuff. I completed the level by randomly hitting things and paths opened and most of the time I didn't know what I did that caused it. It just felt like luck. :P There was a warp with an incorrect exit direction. Near the black silhouettes.

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Re: Jammin' through the Jungle (CC10 Entry) - 14th Place

Postby WerewolfGD » Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:49 pm

WOW!!!! i'm very interesting with your shadow tilesets. Your shadow tilesets looks unique. SHADOW ANYWHERE.
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Re: Jammin' through the Jungle (CC10 Entry) - 14th Place

Postby underFlo » Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:31 am

Looking at the screens, the background is way to dark at times, making everything blend in with it. Shadow levels should have a fairly bright background.
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