Koopa Cave

They're not that bad, but they're not that good either.
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Re: Koopa Cave

Postby TurtleJosh52 » Wed May 25, 2016 6:06 pm

Enjl wrote:
TurtleJosh52 wrote:Red = Trash
By using this colour for the title, are you implying that your review is trash?

Jokes aside, it'd be nice if you used a readable colour to substitute the yellow, or ditch the concept of colours unless pointing out inherent flaws or things which positively impressed you (in red and green respectively).
Also, for more feedback on your review:
-Why do you mention custom graphics in the music branch? I think if you're doing a rubric-based review, you should try to keep in it.
-I don't believe there's nothing you can say about this level's design, considering it's the most important aspect and this level actually tries out some things which players can give feedback on.
-By giving this level a 7/10 in graphics and mentioning no flaws, you're implying one of three things:
--levels need custom graphics to be perfect
--you lied and they don't actually mesh well, in which case you should elaborate on what exactly you found to be flawed
--custom graphics would have helped enhance the level, but there are also issues in the way the current set of graphics is used, which you don't point out
and speaking of elaborating - please do. Your review is not helpful to the designer in any way. Sure you say "level design is kinda good except for in that one part", but you don't describe it well enough to prove your point.

Please take this criticism to heart and attempt to make a better review in the future.

It was my first review, geez.
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Re: Koopa Cave

Postby Dracyoshi » Thu May 26, 2016 6:57 am

TurtleJosh52 wrote:
Enjl wrote:<snip>
Please take this criticism to heart and attempt to make a better review in the future.
It was my first review, geez.
Harsh criticism is especially helpful when you're new to something. Take his criticism seriously and go make some good reviews.
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Re: Koopa Cave

Postby PixelPest » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:13 pm

Review of Koopa Cave

Gameplay and Level Design (weighed 70%): 1.8/10
The biggest two errors in this level are consistency and the overall fun scale of the gimmicks used. This level just uses too many ideas and can't seem to stick with one for long enough to make it worthwhile. The first gimmick involving bricks was probably my least favourite gimmick ever, since it limits the player to waiting for the shells in the first part and is overall unintuitive and boring. The second part of the level is a little bit better, however again, it just can't choose what to do. The switching between lava, water, and empty pits seems messy and uncalled for. There are also many bland areas of this level and coin placement needs a lot of work; there are coins strewn along the ground and others in seemingly random, large clumps. The coins need to be more spread out and the level could use a few more too. NPC placement is okay, however some areas seemed a little crowded.

Graphics and Sounds (weighed 30%): 7.2/10
There were a few custom graphics that didn't really enhance the level, such as the Swoopers which just seemed a little wrong in their colouration. Everything seemed to fit pretty well together with everything else though, so the level itself was relatively visually appealing apart from its blandness as I mentioned above. The vanilla music fit fine as well, since it was the SMB Underground music and this was an SMB Cave level.

Overall: 3.42/10 (Average)

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