Bossfight - Shadow Sirens

They're not that bad, but they're not that good either.
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Bossfight - Shadow Sirens

Postby Zant » Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:27 am

Tried to do something creative with the default bosses, and that's the result.



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Re: Bossfight - Shadow Sirens

Postby smartiemartie7 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:03 pm

yuu, this was amazing, the first time through i did not even see them as the normal bosses.
This was awesome, that was a great level.

I did start at the 2nd section which was a let down, but for the remainder... It was great
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Re: Bossfight - Shadow Sirens

Postby The Thwomp King » Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:36 pm

It's hard to truly judge this as a level for it's just a boss fight, so maybe we should add a section for people to share their boss fights with everyone and maybe review the boss levels there in that thread.

As far as visuals you used what you're limited too, but having this fight take place in a Paper Mario Atmosphere would do this level more justice than having it simply take place in an SMW castle. Honestly if you changed the setting to a ghost house or a haunted/dark area (a forest, mansion, a mountain at night, etc) then the atmosphere would be awesome. The music in the first section was pretty nice and fitting. I think you did a nice job with the events to keep things more interesting with each fight, but this fight is pretty difficult with the amount of power ups given and with you having to fight three of them. This brings me to my next complaint, the whole second section is really difficult with chasing koopas as resources and Beldam replacing Wart. It becomes too much for the player, and it's generally frustrating because then you have to deal with fighting the first two bosses again, hoping you can spare the extra mushroom. So this isn't a bad boss level, but I think you could make this pretty legit. You could probably enhance this boss fight into a whole level if you're wiling to.


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