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Burdotable vally (SVC 2k16 level)

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:03 pm
by Cedrik

I know, SMB2: Nobody likes it.

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Downloard: ... y.lvl?dl=0

Reviews (best and worst) (why are the scores so different?):
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Bossedit8 - 7.00
Nice SMB2 design. I like what you did with the attacks of the SMB hammers from vases and also having those SMB hammers as weapons. I also like it's design but later on it could of done a bit better like the underground area, it's a bit too open for me like I thought the level wraps at first but no, it isn't. Also, getting all of the dragon coins can take some time since some of the warps are hard to guess if that's an actual warp like the small vase in the clouds. Enemy placements was decent... sometimes a bit too much or others a bit oddly placed with the background objects behavour as seen on the one Hoopster being inside the slopes. Anyway, hi Birdo at the end with a Sparky generator. After that there's your star with a message with my name on it. Ok, thank you for drawing your attention to me.

Wraith Adamknight - 1.14
This is just a bad level. It is way too long and makes the player wait on so many unnecessary elements. Bombs, building bridges, taking utterly useless doors; all of these amount to just bad design. What killed it the most was the fact you have a pipe right after the midway point that puts you back at the start of the level. Then there is this birdo fight which was just terrible. Its position means you can only grab one out of two eggs on top of having to dodge sparkies for no reason. Also, Easter eggs to judges don’t equal more points.

Re: Burdotable Vally

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:07 pm
by Mable
Why, did you delete the one you made yesterday and reposted it? If you want a review you could easily pm one of the judges.