Deep Cave Exit

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Deep Cave Exit

Postby Alper0022 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:08 am


This is the first level that i have uploaded. You can see that this is an underground level, based on the name(right?).


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Re: Deep Cave Exit

Postby Witchking666 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:16 am

Unofficial review of Deep Cave Exit by Alper0022

Okay, well, this was a pretty okay smw lava cave level.
But it was filled with flaws and some weird choices.
Although i liked the general gameplay of most of the level.
I completely despise the entirety of section 4.
You enter using a pipe placed under a sizable providing shelter (for whatever reason)
And above the entrance area, there a A LOT of Npc's.
A spiny throwing lakitu, 2 koopa troopa's, 2 Koopa Paratroopa and a galoomba.
And, what makes things worse, If you wait for too long under the sizable.
You will also have to deal with a crap ton of spiny's

The "Bonus pipe" in the first section is pretty stupid in my opinion.
There is an invisible vine block but it's placed in a really unlogical place.
Also, If you were aiming for the player to use the vine.
You failed aswell because the ?-Block containing a fire flower
allows Luigi and Toad (with double jump) To access it.
There was also a jump in section 2 with misleading coins.
I ended up on a mountain of lava with my skull rafts and there were coins.
Obviously. I jumped towards them. And i plunged into the lava.
Overall, The npc placement (excluding section 4) was decent, Though next time I'd use a little bit less koopa's
Also, The coin placement was rather weird, Since you just placed ?-blocks in most area's
And threw some coins on the floor in the exit section.
Talking about that exit section, Why is there so much after the SMW goal
If this were to be put into an episode, The waiting would start to annoy people because they wanna move on.
Also, There was a random Cutoff tree after the goal too. aswell as random concrete blocks in the beginning of the level.
one thing I do wanna point out is the fact that, For whatever reason, The gameplay reminded me of smw.
Which I really liked.

Overall this level was decent, But it would need a lot of work to become truly good
Score: 4.5-10
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Re: Deep Cave Exit

Postby as303298 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:56 pm

My Review:

Atmosphere [3/5]
A majority of the atmosphere is just...cave. Congrats on picking a theme and sticking with it, but this was so dull it was pathetic. This is only doubled by the fact that it is hilariously short, linear to no end and then the level ends outside of this alleged deep cave. I was expected otherwise, given the fact the name is Deep Cave Exit.

My advice, try to experiment some more. You stuck with a good atmosphere, but you went a little too "vanilla" with it and expected the player to be okay with this.

Level Design [0/5]
This level has a lot of problems in its design, so we will hit them one by one.
-Section 1's vine is completely hidden with no indication that such a block even existed. If you going to create a game-breaking shortcut...try to make it remotely visible and usable.
-Section 2 can be COMPLETELY skipped. Which begs the question, why design this section if the alternative not only saves time but rewards you a lot?
-Section 3 was incredibly dull. All you need to do to complete this section is hold right and jump about seven times, no skill or eyes required.
-Section 4 has a lakitu...why? Why the heck is there an enemy that will consistently stay above you placed in a completely vertical section? I do not think you really thought that through, since a player can accidentally kill the koopas and then be left with a thunder god constantly spewing spinies that will never despawn or die.
-Section 5 is completely uncalled for. If this level is a Deep Cave level, why am I leaving it to exit? This breaks immersion and consistency of the level's theme dude. I highly suggest removing it and replacing it with another cave-based section.
-The entire level is so linear that you can legit hold right and press jump every few seconds and win the game. You need to seriously create a more immersive environment and try to experiement more with npc placement outside of just koopas and podabos.

Graphical Continuity [4/5]
Being completely consistent with graphics can also hurt you. Looking at the same color, the same tileset, the same filler and the same BG only makes this more annoying to look at after a long time.
The one thing that bugged me is the fact this level ends in a forest of cutoff. Go ahead and check, the canopy is completely cut off for no reason. How did this even make it past testing stages, assuming you tested this...

BGO Placement [0/5]
I am not counting Section 5, mostly because it shouldn't exist to begin with and only contributes 5 seconds of gameplay.
What really matters here is the fact the level used no BGOs whatsoever. It used one sign...thats it.
You clearly know how to use custom graphics, so I highly recommend finding a stalactite and stalagmite graphic to place in this level. I get that this is a cave, but apparently only tectonic plates control the environment and nothing else like water dripping or moss....fix this.

NPC Placement [1/5]
Again, experiment with npc placement other than a few enemies "here and there." Your level mocks the player by being so easy that they get hurt just because they pity the designer.
Then there's the damn lakity, REMOVE IT. nuff' said

Difficulty / Replayability [0/5]
While this is a fun level to play, I can safely say I will never it again.
One entire section can be skipped, the last section is useless and the remaining parts of the level are so dull that I can't warrant playing it again. Sorry, but you need to on your level style a lot. While very minor, I can see a type of style unique to you, but you need to grasp a few more elements of designing before tackling another level. I highly suggest playing some of The Best levels first.

Overall Score: 8/30
Final Score: 2.6/10
Judgement: Trash Can
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Re: Deep Cave Exit

Postby Alper0022 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:00 am

Oh, nice. My shitty level went in the trash can. Now I have an even better example of what not to do in my next level. Thanks!(no sarcasm intended)
By the way I quit for now, see you when I regained some interest for SMBX! (probably never.)

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Re: Deep Cave Exit

Postby Spider Juice » Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:47 am

Alper0022 wrote:Oh, nice. My shitty level went in the trash can. Now I have an even better example of what not to do in my next level. Thanks!(no sarcasm intended)

do not worry , you just need practice , here are some tips , I have a lot .

1. Custom Graphics
If those are good, but
dale customizing environment in the graphics section you can locate an incredible packs ( do not forget to give credit.

2. That the sensations such of where you are. If you're going to make a pyramid , that looks like a pyramid.

If you want more tips you tell me ~ ( ^ 3 ^ ) ~

P.d: i think you level is better than the trash can.
My levels I support
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