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Switch Place Sancuary

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:29 pm
by icez
another old level from the Mario quest pile its simple level with switchs enjoy

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Re: Switch Place Sancuary

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:30 pm
by HeroLinik
Oh my god, I think this is among one of the first levels I reviewed back in 2012. I really cannot wait to play this gem again.

Re: Switch Place Sancuary

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:47 pm
by as303298
My Review:

Atmosphere [2/5]
Cool, switches.....and?
This level offered absolutely nothing other than four switches, artificial extensions, pointless tnt switch hunting and sand digging.
So much of this level went wrong long before I even hit the midway point, and the "atmosphere" did nothing to entice me to continue playing this level.
The points you got were for consistency sake, but you really need to work on making a more immersive level.

Level Design [1/5]
-Level makes you dig through sand. This wasn't fun to do in SMB2, and it isn't even remotely fun here.
-Four separate parts of artificial extensions.
-Switch block hunting isnt fun or creative, it is tedious and the most irritating that you can make a player do.
-Every switch-block section looked the same. I.e: go through door, go right, hit block, go left, done. This was so boring that by the end of the second switch I said this exact phrase:
"Am I done yet, I am so done with these switches. Nope..guess I have to keep wasting my time searching for them." Never make the player say "I am wasting my time" to do anything in a single level. Episodes are partially excusable, since you can't make everything perfect for everyone on such a mass scale.
-Level was so linear that I just flew through it.

Graphical Continuity [2/5]
-Diggable sand doesn't match the tileset
-BGOs don't match the tileset
-Shy Guys don't match the npc usage
-Why is there even water in this place? You do know what happens when water touches sand right?

BGO Placement [1/5]
Despite the fact we are inside some sort of structure, evident by lamps for so reason, there is NO indication as such. Meaning, I am taking two points off just for that.
-No consistency on whether indoors or outside.
-There are lamps and candles, but this isn't a castle, dungeon, palace or building; meaning they don't belong here.
-Again, why is there water in this level?!
-Every section is so long, but it feels SO empty because you kept using the same style of BGO placement. I recommend mixing things up per section, assuming you are so content on keeping this as a switch-hunting level.

NPC Placement [0/5]
I originally had no issue with this level until I noticed something, the level makes you backtrack a lot. This is mostly evident if someone doesn't realise that the same orange pieps littered in this level sometimes pose a use, and let you shortcut to the end.
That being said, without this knowledge every section becomes so dull it is pathetic. Each section doesn't have a static enemy type, but instead generic placements for Shy Guys and Koopas. Not only can you kill koopas and use their shells to pretty much eliminate any purpose to have npcs, but when you do this..the backtrack moment is so bland that I got bored playing this level.
This doesn't exactly pertain to just the sidepaths, but the main "hub" too, since you can work ahead of yourself and just kill enemies. Afterwards, you are left with a completely barren wasteland.
I wouldn't have much of an issue if backtracking wasn't such a prominent thing or if the enemies were placed creatively.
My advice, you really need to work on learning how to use npcs creatively instead of just using them as generic obstacles. Let alone, generators are nice if you are going to waste the player's time backtracking four times.

Difficulty / Replayability [0/5]
-Level is painfully linear
-Switch levels aren't fun at all, thats why they are pretty much ignored.
-I hated playing this level a first time, and surely will never play this again in an episode.
-Again, artificial extensions are NOT FUN. They are a rudimentary method of making the level feel long at the expense of wasting a player's time unnecessarily.

Overall Score: 6/30
Final Score: 2/10
Judgement: Trash Can