Goomba Sewers

Levels posted here need a lot of work before they're ready to be played.
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Goomba Sewers

Postby icez » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:05 pm

Well Sense I have been posting levels from my Old Mario Quest Project I might as well start posting some levels from my forces of darkness project as well this one is called goomba sewers enjoy

Spoiler: show

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Re: Goomba Sewers

Postby as303298 » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:28 pm

My Review:

Atmosphere [0/5]
This level failed to even adhere to it's own atmosphere, which I find shocking.
-For one, why are there two types of "sewage" and why is one better to swim in than the other one? As I see it, both are pretty bad to swim in regardless.
-This level uses a city tileset, which I find hilariously unfitting for a sewer level.
-Why did you use this type of music? This was just bad choice man..just bad. The music indicated, to me, that something super awesome was supposed to happen. I was let down entirely, as nothing interesting ever happened in this level.
-The level is called Goomba Sewers, and yet there's only 13 in the entire level, counting the boss. Not really enough to validate naming it after these enemies.

Level Design [0/5]
Again with the switch hunting. This isn't fun or entices a player to play the level any further.
-In fact, the very first section forces you to hit a switch just to begin the level. I legitimately have no idea why this is even in the level is it poses no use to the level long term.
-For one, why are there two types of "sewage" and why is one better to swim in than the other one? As I see it, both are pretty bad to swim in regardless. (Copy and Pasted)
-Why am I even swimming through sewage to begin with? There is no context or reason as to why I am doing this. Let alone, there is a boss at the end which feels incredibly shoehorned.
-The boss itself has a wonky hitbox
-This boss was probably the most boring Mother Brain boss I ever fought. All it did was walk left and right, while the player had to do some Evel Knievel movements just to get the bloody bombs.
-Swimming is fun, but when it poses no purpose other than to waste time (or in this case, make me barf), I find it hard to validate giving the design any points.

Graphical Continuity [0/5]
So all of the plants are green, this is ok.
-But I don't understand why there are black goombas and cheep cheeps. Why are they black, this was so awkward to look at. Fix this.
-The level uses a city tileset as a sewer, this is so unfitting its comical.
-The BGOs consisted of the following: marble columns, seaweed, lampposts, benches and trashcans. I challenge anyone to go to their sewers and find any of these five items down there. (in the case of seaweed, it wouldn't grow naturally due to the water's salt levels.)
-It is clear you only downloaded this tileset and didn't consider using it properly, which hurt your score immensely.

BGO Placement [2.5/5]
Half points only due to the fact that you did use the BGOs correctly, that being said you took up the applicable amount of screen space.
-However, the underwater sections are still incredibly dull.
I advise finding a retextured SMB3 Coral, darkening it to look like a BGO and then replacing a BGO so the underwater portions have something. (I know this still wont fit in this amalgamation of a level, but it is something.)

NPC Placement [2/5]
-The SMB3 platforms on the lava were nice.
-The lava lotus were well placed.
-The cheep cheeps were moderately placed well.
However, the rest of the level falls short in terms of being original, creative or immersive. This includes the boss.

Difficulty / Replayability [1/5]
It was interesting, but this level is still incredibly flawed.
I highly recommend fixing the issues listed above.

Overall Score: 5.5/30
Final Score: 1.8/10
Judgement: Trash Can
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