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Level of The Month July [Vote Now]

Postby Eclipsed » Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:01 am

Level of the Month: June

Why have I literally not re-written this since Core hosted the last contest.
Hello folks! I'm happy to announce LOTM: July contest! with 13 Levels. This poll will last 16 days


Fire Jump by Bullet51
Skydaku2 by Hatsune Blake
Rejected SMBX Update by Guscraft808Beta2
Sore Thumb by 8luestorm
War of World 1-1 (Battle Level) by Super Wario Bros
Super Mario Bros 2 1-1 Fusion by ItsIggy
Toadette's Christmas Assemblage by Ness-Wednesday
Walljump Nightmares Redux by Fuyu
All Powerups by Superfrancybros
Frantic Fortress by Suckerman7 GM
Carrot Factory by MECHDRAGON
Rise of The Ice by Eduardo_R_H
Sky fantasy by idruinn

Also don't forget about Rules!:
• Level's first public release is in this month.
• Your download link of your level should work.
• Level shouldn't be broken.
• Do not ask people to vote for your level.
• Do not post the poll without the video.
Also some info:
• Voting Starts 8/1/2020
• Voting Results 8/16/2020




https://www.mediafire.com/file/00amwnmu ... 9.zip/file



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