[BUG]&[Solution] PGE Editor not launching (smbx launcher issue)

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[BUG]&[Solution] PGE Editor not launching (smbx launcher issue)

Postby Qubo » Wed May 17, 2017 11:56 pm

Hello community, just wanted to say that I found a major bug in the PGE editor, here it goes:

When the subfolder Worlds has no file which extension is *.wld like this:
  • [YOUR SMBX DIRECTORY]/data/worlds/[WORLD NAME].wld
  • OR
In which text in ITALLIC are variable depending on your computer, or file names.
When you open the SMBX 2.0 Launcher, and click on the Editor, the PGE Editor wont open no matter how many times do you spend clicking on it, also, doesn't matter if you've opened it as an Administrative User.

The solution:
  1. Browse to [YOUR SMBX DIRECTORY]/data/worlds/
  2. Create a new folder and call it: PGE Unlocker
  3. Open /PGE Unlocker
  4. Open notepad (Start Menu->All Programs->Accessories->Notepad) (or a text editor)
  5. Write/Paste this in notepad
    Spoiler: show
  6. Under the Menu, goto File->Save As... (a file save box should appear)
  7. Browse to [YOUR SMBX DIRECTORY]/data/worlds/PGE Unlocker
  8. In the Name field write PGEUNLOCKER.wld (very important that we end it with .wld)
  9. In the Save As Type field, open the drop-down menu and select All Files (*.*)
    Should be like this:
  10. Click on Save
  11. Now you're ready to go!
Now your main screen when launching the launcher should be like this:
Spoiler: show
That's it, hope solved someone's problem, see you next time!
Edit: changed the title.
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Re: [BUG]&[Solution] PGE Editor not launching

Postby Wohlstand » Thu May 18, 2017 1:46 am

It's a bug of launcher, not of PGE Editor. PGE Editor itself needs no worlds folder to work. Launcher loads episodes to show a list of them, and seems, the bug in launcher means it must block loading game because of no worlds, but seems, also block loading of editor.
You still be able to run PGE Editor directly without launcher.
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